Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Weekly Update: Professor Kumar attempts to kill Gehna.

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This week Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 begins with Anant asks Police inspector that did Krishna said anything about Praful’s location. Police inspector tells him that Krishna didn’t confess his wrongdoings yet. Desai’s asks Anant that who kidnapped Praful. Anant takes Krishna’s name and informs them that he caught Krishna red-handed today. Everyone shocks hearing him. Gehna defends Krishna. Anant tells her that he won’t believe her in Krishna’s matter.

Later, Gehna checks Krishna’s mobile and confirms that Krishna is innocent and decides to find Sagar’s partner. Hema calls Sagar and promises to give Anant’s file to him and asks him to return Praful. After some time, Hema gives file to Sagar and the latter throws her from there. But, he shocks seeing Gehna, Radhika and Kanak there.

Gehna asks him that where is Praful now. He laughs at her saying that they can’t do anything. They asks him to not underestimate them and they stops him from escaping from there. Gehna recalls that how she threatened Kanak, Hema and Radhika to help her to find Praful. Sagar agrees to take them to Praful. Anant learns about Praful’s location. Sagar tells Goons that they should shift Praful. They asks him about Gehna. He lies to them that she belongs to their team. One of the goon talks to Boss and confirms that Sagar betrayed them. Radhika, Kanak and Hema enters the godown with rod and beats the Goons. They stops hearing gun sound. Anant comes there to rescue Praful and he beats the goons.

Gehna asks Sagar to tell the truth because Krishna is not the latter’s partner. Sagar tells her that he won’t take his partner’s name. He notices one car coming that way and escapes in that car. Gehna notices mask man driving the car. Desai’s gets relieved Praful. Later Professor Kumar reaches Desai house. Gehna notices his eyes and recalls the mask man’s eyes. She asks him to bring Praful’s medicine because Anant went to hospital to see Jamuna. She realises that Professor Kumar is Sagar’s partner. She searches Professor Kumar’s room and finds mobile in his washroom. She calls Anant but he ignores it. She messages him.

Professor Kumar enters the house and talks to himself saying that he knows that Gehna learnt about his truth. On the other hand, Jamuna regains her consciousness and tells her family that it’s Professor Kumar who pushed her from stairs. Anant reads Gehna’s message. He realises that Gehna’s life in danger.  Professor Kumar tells Gehna that he is not dumb to not understand that she is playing game with him. Gehna pushes him and runs from there. He chases her and tries to kill her.

Anant reaches Desai house. Professor Kumar asks him to do his work if the latter want to save Gehna then and gives bombs to him. Anant takes the suitcase and leaves from there. Professor Kumar sees Gehna who is laying under the bed in unconscious state. Anant reaches Police station. They defuses the bombs. Police inspector thanks him. Anant tells him that Gehna is in danger still. Police inspector tells him that his team reached Desai house already. Anant also reaches Desai house and rescues Gehna. Police arrests Professor Kumar. Professor Kumar gives one paper to Sagar without anyone’s knowledge. Sagar reads it and says that it’s the beginning of their destruction.

Anant regrets for not trusting Gehna. He tells Paresh that he realised that how much he loves Gehna. Praful and Jamuna comes there. They decides to do Gehna and Anant’s marriage again. Desai’s hides from Gehna that her and Anant going to marry each other again. They lies to her that they are going to attend Praful friend’s son marriage. Sagar informs Radhika about Anant and Gehna’s marriage. She decides to stop the marriage. Anant enters his room and gets mesmerized seeing Gehna in bridal attire. He asks her that what kind of marriage she wanted. She tells her wish to him. He leaves from there.

Sagar and Goons helps Professor Kumar to escape from police custody. On the other hand, Desai’s reaches the marriage venue. Gehna notices her name on the name board and misunderstands that her marriages going to happen with someone else because she could not see the groom’s name. She asks Jamuna that what kind of joke is this. Jamuna asks Gehna to begin her life again. Gehna tells them that her marriage already happened with Anant and she won’t marry anyone else. Anant comes there in bike as per Gehna’s wish. Gehna smiles seeing that and understands that why he asked about her wish. He removes the cloth which covered the name board.

On the other hand, Sagar shows marriage venue to Professor Kumar and informs him that he set the bombs too. Gehna thinks that Anant want to marry her which means she is not his responsibility anymore and smiles. Priest asks them to bring the bride. Gehna comes there wearing veil and sits beside Anant. Anant and Gehna exchanges the marriage garlands. Tiya does the ‘Gadhbandhan’. Gehna puts her hand on Anant’s hand and he gets up saying that he won’t marry her. Everyone questions him. He removes the bride’s veil and it turns out to Radhika which shocks everyone. Jamuna scolds her for taking Gehna’s place.

Hema and Tiya goes inside and shocks seeing Gehna laying on the floor unconscious. Tiya splashes water on Gehna’s face. Gehna regains her consciousness and recalls that how Radhika made her unconscious. Hema tells her that Radhika tried to marry Anant by taking the latter’s place. Jamuna announces that Anant won’t get a better life partner than Gehna. Desai’s agree with her. Anant tells them that Radhika should see him marrying Gehna and that is Radhika’s punishment.

Anant goes to bring marriage garlands and learns that Professor Kumar escaped from police custody. Professor Kumar calls Anant and tells him that last time it was just Gehna’s life in danger but this time his whole family in danger. He shows the bomb remote to him and asks him to decide between his family and his country. Anant reaches the marriage venue and realises that Gehna put her life in danger for him and cries. Gehna meets Professor Kumar and recalls that how she heard Anant’s conversation with the latter. She tells him that she will do his work and she wants guarantee that he won’t harm Anant and her family. They ties her eyes with black cloth and takes her somewhere else.

In the upcoming episode, Gehna will wear bomb dress.

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