Saath Nibhaana Saathiya: Gehna and Praful are insulted

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With the groom’s family insulting Praful and Gehna, Praful will feel sad that he failed as a father to Gehna as he couldn’t find a groom for Gehna. Anant tries to support him but nothing works.

Here, Kanak will pretend to come up with a solution of finding a groom in real world rather than online. Kanak will convince praful to consider Kanak’s aunty. Anant will find this action suspicious but will ignore it. Anant will tell Radhika how Gehna’s dad saved Praful. On the other side, Hema and Kanak will be seen discussing to get rid of Gehna first then they will think of Anant. Kanak will later on reveal how his aunt’s son lives abroad so Gehna will have to live with her mother in law in village.

In upcoming episodes, we will see Anant says no for the wedding proposal of Gehna.

What will Praful decide? Will this time too Praful will be insulted? Will Kanak, the mastermind behind all this get revealed. Keep following this space for latest updates.