India Waali Maa 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Kaku thinks as Chinu’s mother

India Waali Maa 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

Chinu tells Kaku she is feeling emotional today, one of those days where one doesn’t understand what they are feeling. Chinu says it would have been good if her mother is alive today.

Kesar asks Kaku how is Chinu, if their idea right places. Kaku says their idea went right, but she made Chinu feel orphan, she doesn’t have mother and her father doesn’t understand her. In the process of uniting Rohan, Chinu she made Chinu feel alone. Kesar says one has to be selfish sometimes for more good.

Kaku calls Hassu and asks him to remember their moment many years back, he tried a lot to convince her, but later she herself came realizing her love. So what’s the need of playing games with Chinu, she will herself come to Rohan with love. Hassu praises her thinking. Kaku ends the call seeing Chinu come that way. Chinu belongings fall down and Kaku comes to help her. Chinu says she doesn’t need her help.

Kaku apologizes her and says she won’t play any games now, previously she made plans as she knew Chinu loves her son. Chinu says “her son”, she thought Kaku sees her as daughter. Kaku says she forgot what Chinu would feel, whats in Chinu’s heart. She asks Chinu to forget all this for a moment and tell her what’s in her heart, what she desires, her decision. She will support.

Rohan asks Kesar ba where is ma, she says Kaku went on his work. Kaku is innocent, she should understand its fine to handle twisted situation in twisted ways.

Chinu, Kaku sit on a bench, Chinu says she won’t be able to take her decision. Kaku asks if that means she chose Akshay, Chinu nods. Kaku says she is there for her, its a promise from a mother to a daughter. They hug each other. Murthy comes and shouts Chinu name, he asks what’s she doing and takes her away.

 Chinu looks back at Kaku while going, Kaku stops them, she says she will also come with them, she was handled responsibility of Chinu’s engagement preparations. Murthy asks if she will do it even after what all happened. Kaku says he gave her responsibility after everything, so she will fulfill it.