Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Shivam records Dillu’s confession

Saavi Ki Sawaari 23rd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shivam tells Sonam that Saavi should know her sister’s truth. Sonam asks him to not talk about it to Saavi. He picks Saavi’s call. Saavi asks him that when is he going to get married to Sonam. He tells her that his name will be cleared soon. He says that he will talk to later and disconnects the call. Dillu comes there. Sonam gets shocked seeing Dillu there. Shivam asks Dillu to tell the truth. Dillu tells him that Sonam hired Paras to mix poison in the food. He confesses that Sonam told him to stop Paras from revealing the truth. Sonam asks him to stop it. She tells Shivam that Dillu is lying. Shivam records Dillu’s confession and sends Dillu from there.

Ratna enters the house. She recalls that how she called Dillu and asked him to tell Shivam that Sonam is behind everything and she is not involved in this case. She apologizes to Sonam in her mind.

Sonam agrees that everything is her plan. She says that she did not wanted Shivam to stop her marriage. She reveals that she did not wanted to marry him. She tells him that he is not rich and he don’t even have a surname. She says that Shivam was just a timepass for her. She adds that she wanted a husband like Saavi’s husband. She says that she would have married rich businessman but Shivam and Saavi ruined everything. She tells him that she never loved him. Shivam gets shocked hearing her. She tells him that he is dumb and an emotional fool.

She tells him that no one can come in between her and her goal. She informs him that she will get Saavi’s husband. He attacks her. He asks her that how can she even think to break Saavi’s marriage. He tells her that she don’t love anyone. She tells him that she love money. He asks her that how can she stoop this low. She tells him that she did so much to marry Saavi’s husband and she won’t back off. She says that Saavi don’t value anything and she will teach a lesson to Saavi. She tells him that he is a coward so he can’t kill her.

Later, Priest scolds Dimpy for sleeping. He asks her to bring everyone for today’s puja. Dimpy wonders that if Sonam followed Saavi or not. She calls Nutan and tells her that she want to talk to Sonam. Nutan tells her that Sonam is sleeping. Ananya tells Ratna that Sonam is missing. Ratna lies to them that Sonam went for an interview of foreign company. She goes inside. She calls Dimpy and tells her about Shivam and Sonam. Dimpy tells her that she don’t care about all that and disconnects the call.

Dimpy tells Uma Devi that Saavi is missing. Saavi comes there with flowers. Uma devi asks her to bring Vedika. She asks Dimpy to not complain about Saavi because Saavi fulfilled her duties. She tells her that Priest complained about her and leaves from there. Himesh tells Dimpy that she is imagining so much about Saavi. Dimpy tells him that she will catch Saavi red-handed tonight for sure.

Episode ends.

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