Saavi Ki Savaari 3rd January 2023 Written Update: Ratna attempts to kill Krishna

Saavi Ki Savaari 3rd January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Razak reaches the factory to meet Saavi. He asks her that why no one is working in the factory. Saavi tells him that factory is going to close in 2 weeks. He tells her that they have to go to mechanic to repair the auto. She asks God’s blessings to run the factory like before.

On the other hand, Brijesh asks Ratna that why last month phone fill is so high. Ratna says that what can she do for that. Nutan asks Brijesh to not drag the matter. Brijesh asks Ratna that with whom she talked this much. Ratna lies to him that she talked to her relative.

In the mechanic shop, Saavi explains the situation of factory to Razak. Razak tells her that technology improving so it’s obvious that factory faced loss. Mechanic tells them that spark plug need to be changed. Saavi asks him to use bike’s spark plug in her auto. He tells her that he will fix it but he can’t give any guarantee.

Sonam tells Goyal family that her account got credited 1 lakh rupees. She says that she is head of e-rickshaw project so it’s her salary and leaves for office. Ratna asks Brijesh to pay the phone bill and goes inside.

Razak asks Saavi that what if anything happened to her auto. Saavi tells him that she feels like nothing will happen. He starts the auto and he faces no problem. She gets happy seeing that. He tells her that he could drive the auto more smoothly than before. She says that now factory can run like before. She asks him to take her to Nityam’s office.

Sonam thanks Nityam for giving her salary. Nityam informs her that they have to go to Delhi to show presentation. She imagines spending time with him in Delhi. Saavi comes there and tells Nityam that she have something important to tell him. Nityam asks Sonam to think about design and goes to talk with Saavi.

Saavi tells Nityam that the spark plug they are producing could be used in auto. Nityam asks her that how she is going to get workers. He reminds her that they left the factory. He asks her that if she came to get permission. She tells him that she need fund. He asks her that why he will fund for the factory which he is going to close in 2 weeks. She tries to explain and he interrupts and gives fund to her. She picks police inspector’s call and agrees to meet him. She calls Himesh and asks him to convince the workers to return to factory. Himesh tells her that he will try.

Saavi goes to Goyal house and tells Ratna that she want to talk to Sonam. She learns that Sonam did not come from office yet. She tells her that police found that Krishna’s last location is their house. Ratna tells her that she will go to buy tea powder. She goes to hospital and tries to kill Krishna.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vedika learns that Nityam and Sonam working till late night for project. She tells Saavi that husband has to pick his wife and reach the temple according to their family tradition. Nityam asks Saavi to not expect him to pick her.

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