Saavi Ki Sawaari 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Sonam burns horoscopes

Saavi Ki Sawaari 22nd September 2022 Written Update:on

Episode begins with Krishna learns that bride name is Sonam Goyal. He wonders that if this Sonam is Shivam’s girlfriend. Dimpy complains about room service to him. He thinks that this Sonam must be someone else. Ratna tells Sonam that she can’t feel relax until the latter gets married to Nityam. Sonam asks her to stay chill. She tells her that Nityam and Saavi fights always. She says that they don’t match each other.


After some time, Sonam gets ready for photoshoot. Ratna tells Nutan that bed is so soft. She says that it looks like she is dreaming. She gets surprised seeing the sweet box. She notices that Nutan is silent. She asks her to eat biscuits. Nutan tells her that she is feeling awkward, because Dalmias spending so much money for this marriage and they are doing nothing. Ratna gets shocked learning about make-up artist salary. Sonam asks Nutan to not get tension.

Saavi informs them about horoscope puja. Nutan tells her that she is ready. Ratna asks Saavi about puja. Saavi explains her about horoscope puja. Sonam and Ratna gets shocked hearing her. Nutan asks Ratna to not worry because Vedika would have brought Nityam and Sonam’s horoscopes. Sonam tells her that she can’t change again. She says that she can’t attend this horoscope puja. Nutan scolds her for talking like that. She orders everyone to get ready in 10 minutes and leaves the room.

Nityam sits for the puja. Vedika sneezes so Nityam leaves from there. Nityam scolds Krishna for making kada late. Goyal family joins Dalmias for the horoscope puja. Sonam recalls that what Nutan said about Saavi’s horoscope and how she swapped the horoscopes. She looks at Saavi and horoscope. Vedika sneezes. Nityam gives handkerchief to her. Dimpy tells Himesh that everyone will witness drama at sangeet. Guruji says that puja is over. He says that now they will read the horoscopes. Ratna thinks that she has to do something. She pretends like, struggling to breathe properly. Guruji says that they have to return after 10 minutes. Goyal family takes Ratna from there. Sonam plans to burn the horoscopes and she tells her plan to Ratna. She burns the horoscopes and leaves from there.

Saavi gives kada to Vedika. Vedika praises Nutan’s upbringing. Ananya tells Saavi that her video getting many views. Saavi gets shocked seeing something and runs towards the puja venue. Nityam asks her that what happened. She tells him about fire accident. He recalls that how much horoscopes are important for Vedika. They runs inside and they tries to save the horoscopes. She saves him from getting burnt. They gets tangled with curtains. He removes them. Everyone comes there. Vedika asks Nityam that if he is fine. He tells her that he is fine. They notices the horoscopes. Dimpy tells Sonam that Saavi’s timing is really perfect. Sonam tells her that the latter is right. She goes to Saavi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nityam tells Saavi that what she wants for saving him. He leaves her hand and she falls into the swimming pool.

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