SaiRat FF|Unexpected Love: Chapter 25

Sai stops laughing hearing him and tells him “Yeah you look like one to me. Infact you are a comedian. I mean even after you being helpless at the moment, you still thought you can trouble me. Sorry to break your bubble but Virat it’s going to be very hard for you. Infact I will make it hard for you and trust me darling, I am always the winner and I will win this time too. Be ready” Virat gets furious hearing her.

Virat tells her furiously “Till this time you won becayse I let you win but not anymore. This time I will defeat you. You have done a huge mistake Sai. So be ready to lose everything dear to you because soon I will snatch everything from you. By everything I mean everything” He cuts the call after warning her.

Sai throws the fall on the bed with anger and she slumps on the bed. Her eyes fill with angry tears as the man whom she loved and wanted in her Life is promising to snatch everything from her. She wipes her tears consoling herself to not to break because of a heartless person who only thinks about himself and never accepts his mistakes. She feels like whacking him with a whip for his evil plan against her but she chose to teach him a lesson this way as she knows he won’t change no matter what and this is the only way to punish him.

Next Morning Virat wakes up from him sleep and sees missed calls from Pakhi. He ignores it as he is not in a mood to talk with anyone. He freshens up and then coming out he looks at his phone to see it’s ringing. He feels bad after seeing Pakhi’s name flashing on the screen. He feels guilty for not lifting her call.

He lifts the call and apologises to her “I am sorry pakhi, I slept after talking with Sai” And hr tells her whatever the conversation happened between them before she even asks. Pakhi smirks hearing him. Sai is making it easy for her to make her even more bad in the eyes of Virat. She cuts the call after consoling him and after giving him strength to fight with them.

Virat’s father Ninad calls Pandit come to fix a date for engagement after which the Marriage will happen. Virat who has just decended the stairs looks at Pandit anc frowns. His father tells him about the engagement. Virat thinks something and coming to them, he tells them “I don’t want any engagement. I just want to get married straight away. I am not interested in any such rituals” Ninad looks at Bhuvana and Aishwarya hearing him. They are confused as to why he wants to get married soo soon. Virat looks at their confused faces and tells them “I have to leave to Dubai. Don’t know when I will br asked to go there. I want to get married before that”

Virat waits for them to say what he is expecting so that Pakhi and him can implement their plan in Dubai. Ninad says “If so then you should take Sai with you as well. She is your wife and you can’t leave her here just after their Marriage” Virat acts like he is not happy and says “Dad no need for her to come. She will be fine hete with you people”

Sai who thought that he is trying to escape from her says “Even I have wrote the entrace exam and got a seat in Dubai, you know that Virat. Even I want to pursue my education there. Don’t act like you are the only one who is going to continue his education. Don’t try to escape from me by giving your education as a reason because I am as educated or more educated than you” Sai tells him with pride and Virat smirks hearing her. He makes an angry face just to pretend like he is unhappy with her words and leaves from there. Ninad asks him whether he is taking Sai with him while leaving to which Virat just gives a nod and leaves from there not wanting to stay there anymore. Ninad has a huge smile on his face as the Marriage is going to happen not knowing the evil plans of his son.

To Be Continued..

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