October 21, 2019
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Sandhya decides to give birth to the baby| shocking twist ahead in Kawach!

Next in colors show Kawach viewers will witness that Sandhya will decide to give birth to the baby.

So far in the episodes it is seen Sandhya and Angad gets to know the truth about the restaurant truth where 30 people died because of the fire breakdown. The news read about Kapil and his wife.  news says Kapil and his wife, brutally by the restaurant owner after he claimed that the fire breakdown was not any accident but was planned by someone.

Later, Sandhya’s father confesses the truth about her twin sister. Sandhya gets shocked to learn how his father sends her sister away after priest told him that the child is not good for his family.

Meanwhile, Sandhya gets pregnant. Angad and others get happy but Sandhya worries for the child. She recalls the priest words where he stated that Kapil has a motive to come closer to her.

Now in the upcoming episode will see that Sandhya will decide to give birth to the baby.

Sandhya will decide to give birth to the baby. Priest will say to her that the baby will bring lots of test in her life and she might have to sacrifice every moment and he will be heavy on all her relation.

It will be interesting to watch what new twist and turns the baby will bring in the show.

How Angad and Sandhya will deal with the situation? What Kapil and his wife will do next? And how Sandhya will protect her family from the evils, well to know more keep watching Kawach MahaShivratri, sat-sun on colors TV at 8.

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