Sandhya to unveil Bhao’s story in Kawach!

As per the latest report Colors TV Kawach to go off-air in the coming month. Show is fetching less TRP due to which channel has decided to plug off the show soon.

Shows story revolves around a village where on the day of Maha Shivratri girl gets an opportunity to see the face of would be husband. Recently, in the show some Pret reveals the whole story behind such believes to Sandhya and Angad. The Pret tells how Bhao wanted to become immortal and has spread a fake news around the village that on the day of Maha shivratri unmarried girl can see the face of their husband. Later, the girl who enters the place in a hope to see the face, Bhao kidnaps them and kills them to fulfill his motive.

Sandhya ask Pret to tell how she can destroy Bhao. Pret tells to her that his body pieces are hidden at different places thus they can find them and can burn them all to get rid of Bhao.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Sandhya will mission to find the hidden body pieces of Bhao. There, Angad will try to bring back his family who turned into anklet.

Rekha, Kartik and Angad will pick up the ghunghroos and will try to join them. There, Sandhya will look at the Natraja idol and will say all the secrets will be unveiled. Ahead, Angad will be locked in a room, while Rekha will ask him to open the door. Later, Rasika will dance at Angad’s room.

How Sandhya will find Bhao and what more will happen in the show, keep watching Kawach, sat-sun on Colors TV.

How much you all will miss the show, share your views with us.

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