Sanjog 15th September 2022 Written Update: Amrita tries to find Chanda

Sanjog 15th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrita and Alok questioning the constable about Chanda and Gopal. He replies that they runs away from there and notify about the birthmark of Chanda. Amrita gets emotional, while Alok takes her along with him to find her. Amrita keeps praying to get her daughter back, while Tara keeps asking for her mother. Manju enters her room and tries to feed her, but the latter gets furious and throws all the food away. She starts screaming and shouting, while Manju tries to calm her down. Tara gets asthma attack, while Manju ask her about the pump, but couldn’t able to find it. Rajeshwari gets shocked hearing all the noises and goes to check on Tara.

Here, Rajeshwari gets dumbstruck seeing Tara’s state and blames Amrita for it. Ranjini also comes there and notify Rajeev about it too. He calls the doctor and gets worried about his daughter. He gets furious at Amrita and decides to confront her. He keeps calling her but she ignores his call as she tries to find Chanda. He brings the doctor and the latter checks Tara.

The doctor injects Tara with the medicine and warns that the latter should not get anymore dose as it can affect her health badly. He goes from there while Ranjini and Rajeshwari instigates him against Amrita. They accuses the latter for leaving her daughter and blames her for the condition. Rajeev gets enrage and decides to scold Amrita.

Elsewhere, Ranjini smirks after putting fire in Rajeev’s head against Amrita. Meanwhile, Gauri ask her kids and family to pack their stuffs. They decides to leave the village and settle somewhere else in order to get saved from the police. Gopal questions that where they will go? To which she shows Amrita’s picture and says that they will settle in Jodhpur.

Chanda also starts packing her stuffs while Gauri ask her to hurry up. Meanwhile, Amrita reaches the village and ask everyone about Chanda. She goes towards the house, while Gopal and his family runs away from there after vacating it. They tries to go away from the village, when Pradhan stops them. He confronts Gopal and tries to stop them from leaving.

Ahead, Gopal stands for his family and declares that he can do anything for them. He takes a stand for Gauri and says that she was right about Pradhan. The latter states that he won’t let them leave, to which Gopal slaps him and warns about the consequences. Pradhan glares at Gopal but then moves away giving them space to leave.

Amrita gets inside Chanda’s house but gets shattered upon not finding her. She still encourages herself and goes to other houses to find her. Whereas, Chanda returns back to her house in order to take her box. She smiles seeing her box, whole Gopal notices her missing. He decides to find her but Gauri stops him from going back. He declares that he can risk everything for his daughter and goes back against Gauri’s wish.

Further, Amrita also decides to check again inside the house in hope to find her daughter, while Chanda packs her box to take along with herself. Whereas, Gopal also moves towards his house to help Chanda. Amrita gets inside the house and gets shocked, while Chanda also looks towards the door and becomes dumbstruck.


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