Sanjog 14th September 2022 Written Update: Alok finally finds about Chanda

Sanjog 14th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrita deciding to self tutor Tara. She assures Kotharis that she won’t let Tara miss her education, while Rajeev and Rajeshwari stands against her decision. Rajeev mocks Amrita and says that he don’t need her in the office and ask her to give all of her time to Tara. She gets shocked by his taunt, while he gives her a chance stating that she can do whatever she wants with Tara, but warns her that he don’t want her to waste any year of their daughter. Amrita shows her disappointment towards Rajeev and takes his challenge. She determines to give all her time to teach Tara and look after her.

Here, Rajeshwari also warns Amrita that if she fails to tutor Tara, then she will send her to the bording school. Amrita gets shocked by her decision, while Ranjini smirks. Amrita finally agrees to accept Rajeshwari’s challenge and assures that she won’t let her daughter go away from her. Whereas, Tara hears their conversation and gets furious.

Tara locks herself inside the room while Amrita goes towards her. She insists the latter to open the room, but she denies and complains that Amrita doesn’t love her. The latter tries to make her understand and somehow convinces her to open the door. She makes Tara sit along with her and expresses her love. She says that she loves her daughter more then anyone and assures that she won’t let her go anywhere.

Elsewhere, Amrita ask Tara to co-operate with her and promises to solve all their problems. Tara gets elated and then Amrita makes her sleep. Meanwhile, Gauri along with her family goes to meet Gopal. The latter comes out of the court and was about to return back to the jail, when he insists the police to let him meet his family.

Gopal tells the constable that the day when he got imprisoned, his daughter Chanda was borned. He insists to see her once, while the constable finally allows her. Gauri gives a box to Chanda and ask her to give it to the police officers. The latter gives the sweets and everyone takes it, while she meets Gopal and he hugs her being happy.

Ahead, the constable clicks the picture of Chanda’s birthmark and sends it to Alok, while the latter matches it with Amrita’s missing daughter and confirms that she is the one. He ask the constable to keep an eye on them and rushes to check the child. At that time Amrita comes there and gets shocked to see the pictures of her daughter. She confronts Alok while he notify her about the truth.

The police officers starts feeling dizzy while taking Gopal along with them. Meanwhile, the bus stops as the driver falls asleep. Gauri along with her family follows the latter and stops the auto near his bus. He comes out of it and meets his family, while the police officers stays unconscious. They tries to stop him but becomes unsuccessful.

Further, Alok tells about his research to find Amrita’s baby while the latter gets teary eyes. She sees Chanda’s birthmark and cries while Alok comforts her. At that time they reaches the location and gets shocked seeing the scenario. Alok helps the constables to wake up and ask about the matter, to which he replies that Gopal escaped from there. Amrita questions about Chanda, to which he replies that they took her along with them.

The episode ends.

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