Sanjog 28th October 2022 Written Update: Gauri threatens Amrita

Sanjog 28th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrita sneaking inside the police station in order to release Gauri, Gopal and his family. Meanwhile, a guard comes there and points gun at her. He was about to shoot while Amrita gets scared and closes her eyes. At that time Alok comes there and saves her. He orders all his guards not to shoot her and sends them away. He confronts Amrita and scolds her for putting her life in danger. She proclaims that she was sure he will save her. She insists him to release the Safa gang while he denies and reminds her that they are dangerous.

Here, Amrita gets emotional and says that she don’t want to loose her daughter. She states that Chanda needs her family and can’t live without Gopal. She requests Alok to fulfill her wish and states that she can do anything to make her daughter happy. She tells that she stayed away from her daughter for 7 years and can’t afford to loose her again.

Amrita pleads Alok while he gets sentimental and finally agrees to her request. Amrita hugs her and showers her gratitude towards him. She then releases the Safa gang and takes them with her along with Heera and Panna. Meanwhile, Chanda gets scared inside the room and knocks the door to open it. She shouts for Amrita while at that time the latter comes there and takes Chanda away from there.

Elsewhere, Rajeev also comes there while Amrita hides along with Chanda. As soon as Rajeev leaves, she takes Chanda away towards the garden. The latter ask for her father while soon Gauri and Gopal along with their family gathers there. Chanda gets elated upon seeing her father and he picks her up in his arms. Both gets emotional while the latter ask him not to leave her again.

Chanda meets all her family along with Heera and Panna. Amrita takes them inside the house while Rajeshwari gets stunned seeing them. Gopal’s mother starts pressing her leg and says that she missed her. They makes a fake story, while Chanda hides behind Gopal. Amrita ask her to come forward and tells that no one will scold her.

Ahead, Rajeev shows his anger towards Chanda while Tara comes for her defense and says that she won’t live in the house without Chanda. She then takes the latter to her room in order to show her new toys while Ranjini gets furious seeing their bond. Meanwhile, Rajeshwari gives a nee security lock along with its password to Amrita and ask her to put it in jewellery room.

Gopal’s mother hears Rajeshwari and Amrita’s conversation while the latter glares at her. Rajeshwari assures that the lock is strong and no one can open it without the password. She ask Amrita to keep it safely. Meanwhile, she sees Gopal and his family burning their clothes and taking an oath to leave Safa gang. They decides to change themselves except for Gauri as she determines to fulfill her wish to become rich.

Further, Amrita confronts Gauri while the latter threatens her and proclaims to tell the truth to Kothari family. Amrita stops her and agrees to give her money. She secretly gives the money to Gauri while the latter also ask for the security password of jewellery room. Amrita denies to give it and speaks against Gauri. She warns the latter while she goes inside Tara’s room and threatens to kill her in order to get the password. Amrita gets worried for her daughters and reveals the truth to Gauri about their daughters getting swapped. Gauri smirks and tells that she already knew about it, while Amrita becomes shocked.

The episode ends.

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