Sargam ke Sade Sati 6th April 2021 Written Update: Awasthis catch the thieves

Sargam ke Sade Sati 6th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Awasthis tying the rope around Aasthik’s leg. Aasthik gets dragged when the thief tries stealing the mannequin. They all try to rush out but the door doesn’t open due to the rope getting stuck. The thief escapes with the mannequin before they could reach. Chedhilal buys a new mannequin and Munna delivers it. Chedhilal pays him 500 while Munna demands 50 rupees more for delivery charge. Chedhilal argues that he’s already buying third hand mannequin and this is too much for it. He asks Appu to take him away.

Chedhilal wants his sons to keep the mannequin in shop but they warn him about thief. Sargam says she has another plan but Chedhilal says that he’s not going to waste anymore money on mannequin. Sargam says that this time they are not going to use real mannequin and points at Alokik. They dress up Alokik as mannequin in order to catch the culprit. Alokik is against it but they force him. Sargam asks him to not move no matter what happens. Alokik gets in his character.

 Alokik is kept in the shop and a lady likes the saree on him. She wants to buy it. The Awasthis tries convincing her that it’s not for sale and asks her to buy something else. The lady is adamant that she will buy only this no matter what the price is. Soon another lady joins her and fights for the same saree. They both are ready to pay enough money for the saree and starts fighting. Sargam comes there and Alokik unable to control any shouts at them. They gets shocked while Chedhi makes an excuse that he dressed up for his fancy dress competition. They leave scared.

Chedhilal asks them to keep Alokik outside the shop. Appu and Eklavya takes him out and is about to keep it outside Gupta shop but Gupta warns them to move it away from his place. Alokik speaks scaring Gupta. They place it near vegetable vendor and keeps a watch on him. They find that more ladies are interested in the saree worn by Alokik and calls him a good catch for customers. They find a dog trying to drag Alokik’s saree but soon leaves hearing Alokik’s command. They gets surprised seeing it. The thieves comes again and tries taking away Alokik but Alokik and Awasthis catches them. They remove the mask and gets shocked seeing Munna and the auto rickshaw driver. They enquire them the reason for their behaviour.

Munna and the driver blames Chedhilal’s miser nature. He says that he bargains his mannequin which is worth 1000 rupees for 200 rupees. The rickshaw driver also recalls Chedhilal making his accident just for two rupees. They say that they wanted to teach a lesson to Chedhi. They asks whether they don’t have family. Chedhilal says being a miser is not a crime but stealing his. He threatens to call the police when Sargam asks him to let it go. She warns them to not steal again while they ask her to promise back that Chedhilal will stop being a miser as there’s lots of difference between a miser and thrift. Sargam advises Chedhi to change himself too and Chedhi agrees.

Alokik waits for Eklavya to buy the shampoo as the mannequin makeup is itching him a lot. Eklavya gives him the shampoo while Chedhilal scolds them for buying 5 rupees shampoo instead of 3 rupees. Sargam comes there and reminds him of his promise to not act a miser. Chedhi lets it go half heartedly. Alokik leaves to bath while Chedhi asks Eklavya to bring milk. Eklavya spills the milk and Sargam offers to clean it. How Chedhi doesn’t want to waste it and asks Alokik to bath using the spilled milk. Alokik leaves to bath without paying heed. Chedhi feels stressed with the way things turned out.

Precap : Alokik warns Chedhilal to not leave the house as he gets negative vibes from him. Chedhi goes despite his warning and gets into an accident. Chedhilal scolds the lady with bad words unaware that she’s Sargam’s mother. Sargam’s mother is not aware that its Chedhi who scolded her and swears to avenge. Sargam joins her.

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