Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th January 2023 Written Update: Reema and Aarav try to solve out the enigma

Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the strong resolution with Simar. Getting back the sense, Simar starts to scream, which makes the statue active. Aarav feels Simar touching the statue. Simar also, being attached with Aarav purely, feels the touch of Aarav. Both get emotional when the elders pray to God for the stability of the situation. Simar starts showing some indication with some gesture, and the statue also plays the same thing. Aarav gets motivated and enthusiastically increases his confidence on the love. Aarav also uplifts Simar’s mind, which makes Simar more strong. She is driven by Aarav, and breaks the wall by her own hand.

Dubru asks how did she save herself. Simar says she is blessed with the support of Matarani. Dubru and his group mocks her for her wicked situation. Suddenly, Vivaan runs to help her and then he hits all the evils. Seeing him, Simar gets emotional, she asks why did he come risking his own life. Vivan defines that it’s his duty to save her as a brother. Then Vivaan breaks the wall with an immense power, and pulls Simar out. But as soon as they come out from the cave, they are caught by the jokers again. Simar gets agitated as they both are captivated by the evils again. She requests Dubru to make free her brother, Vivaan, and Vivaan also prays for Simar’s life. The evils again make fun of their distressed situation. Simar and Vivaan, both prays for each other’s life.

Here, Oswaal family asks suggetion to Debojit how would they enter in the world of joker. Debojit suggests them, they have to assume the psychology of those jokers, so they would understand the intension of those individuals. Debojit asks for some belongings of Dubru.

Dubru forces Simar and Vivaan to dance with them, they asks the two to entertain them. When Vivaan is forced to dance and later is beaten badly, Dubru insists Simar to dance on some pieces of glass. Simar is mocked and insulted, and is asked to dance. To satisfy the wrath of Dubru, Simar starts to dance. The jokers also join with her dance, teasing her. Vivaan feels ashamed and suddenly she falls in the ground losing her stability. Dubru punishes both Simar and Vivaan by not giving water and food. When Vivaan feels extreme thrust and Simar looks vehemently for some water, again those jokers taunts at her situation.

Simar tries to help Vivaan, when he loses his sense, not getting the water. Simar soaks the water with the clothes, and fall some drops on his mouth. After getting the sense, Vivaan thanks Simar for saving his life. When Simar rebukes Vivaan for rushing behind her, Vivaan reminds her how lovable Simar is to his family. They look frustrated and detouched from their family. When Vivaan loses all the hopes returning the home, Simar always lights up some way. They both crave for some food, when Vivaan takes up some withered leaves, and is compelled to eat out of the extreme hunger. As soon as they having the leaves, those are snatched by two jokers. But surprisingly having those leaves, the two evils lose their sense. Then Vivaan and Simar decide to pluck more leaves from the forest.

Reema and Aarav both continues their searching about the belonging of Dubru. But after many searching Reema and Aarav find out a copy book, on which a design is drawn. They research on it and tries to solve out the enigma.
Episode ends.

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