Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th January 2023 Written Update: Aarav recalls all his past romantic moments

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with promising attitude of Aarav. He confirmly says that he will go to save Simar and Vivaan. Here, Vivaan and Simar also plan to stuck in their position. Reema, Aarav and Badima pray with the folded hands for helping them. Badima also promises she will pray her best making them free. Those good spirits magically again opens up the mirror and shows the live activity. Seeing Dubru, Oswaals become furious. But Debojit proclaims, although they can see the evils, but those jokers couldn’t see them. With the request of Debojit the spirit show Vivan and Simar live. Suddenly they see, that Dubru has one key of this mirror which he keeps in safebox. Then the live activity is stopped. Again with the help of Debojit, they plan for the next step.

Here, Simar offers those evils many soups, burgers, and many delicious foods. Those jokers get excited and happy seeing so many tasty foods. In the food, Simar mixes up those poisonous leaves. In kitchen, Simar and Vivaan tactfully mixes those leaves in the burger. Simar and Vivaan both feel relieved that as soon as they will have the foods, they will fall asleep. All those jokers start eating, but Dubru delays his eating. When both jokers confirm that those foods are absolutely delicious, then he also starts taking those foods. After sometime all those three jokers fall in a deep slumber both Simar and Vivaan look happy being successful in their mission. Simar and Vivan plan to search simultaneously in the external and the internal area of that house of joker. Vivan runs to the outside when Simar rashes in a room for searching a key of that mirror.

Debojit says if Simar and Vivaan come close to this mirror they could listen the voice of them, then they will definitely share the secret of the key. Being anxious Arab gets emotional to thought how could they reach to Simar. How would Simar listen the voice of him so he could share the secret of the key. Debojit also appreciates the power of the love beyond any magic or science. Reema also adjoints that the love of Simar and Aarav is next to omnipotents because they are both blessed by the God herself, the fathom of their relationship cannot be measured by any parameter. Arab is consoled by Badima when he vehemently becomes disappointed by the fact of the crude situation.

Vivan roaming around the whole forest could not find any way out from that mysterious world. When Simar also sighs not to find any concluded path or solving key. Here, Aarav is asked call auto dhi connect with Simar through his strong emotion. Aarav shares a long monologue of his emotional heart, he reminisences the past memories of their love, how the two got attached and fail in the love for each other and picked up each others for the rest of their life. In spite of having the resistance from the family both Simar and marriage each other and happily spend their days. Aarav triggers off his emotion and tries to connect with Simar to share the secret. Finally Aarav screams with the name of Simar and here she also feel something very magical in his heart. In the last moment of the episode Simar response to the call of Aarav.

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