Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th September 2022 Written Update: The ball is now in the court of Chaya

Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the confrontation of Reema in the kitchen. Sandhya asked her why was she having those uncooked food. Reema fumbles. Simar says she has been suffering from torture of Rudra. Rudra didn’t give her any food to for the days. Reema nodes the head. Sandhya apolizes for her rude behaviour. Sandhya offers her delicious food. Reema thinks that she has been suffering for hundred years. Simar advices to get fresh as some surprise is waiting for her.

Reema is brought in wonderful decorated room. She also looks gorgeous in a new dress. Everyone cheers her with clapping. Reema get awestruck. Simar says there is another surprise. Simar uncovers many delicious scrumptious food. There is a one more final surprise for her. Reema is asked to close the eyes. Vivaan comes with a flower vase and gifts her. They both stare at each other. Reema is pleased to have all these. She admires the love of Vivaan and how important all these to her. They both confess how much lucky they are. They hug each other. Chaya is satisfied to be in the body of Reema.

Aditi offers all to dance. Again Reema is in quandary cause Chaya is not used to in dance. Reema offers Simar and Aarav to dance first. Simar says this can’t be happened. But Reema explains how Simar and Aarav saved her, the first dance performance should be done by Aarav and Simar. Simar and Aarav start to dance exciting. They both are looked wonderful. Then Reema and Vivaan also start to dance. Kavya, Riyansh, Aditi and Gagan also join them. Everyone looks exuberant and happy. Sandhya and Badima also give enthusiasm to them.

Chitra suddenly open the door and ask to stop the dance. Though she comes fiercely, but when she speaks all the ice is melted. She forgives Reema and accepts her for the sake of Vivaan’s happiness. She acknowledges the fact that Vivaan can’t live without the love of Reema. She blesses them. Chitra also adores Simar for her courage. She thanks for her brevity and hugs her. Everyone looks emotional. Simar and Aarav can’t believe the incident. But they try to believe that. Kavya expects that she will be also oneday accepted by Chitra.
On the asking of Badima, Chitra says she wants to arrange a honeymoon for Vivaan and Reema. Badima asks them where they want to go. Vivaan funnily says that he doesn’t want to go alone but Reema says she will not anywhere leaving Vivan. Reema hugs Vivaan.

Riyansh gets confused about the behavioral pattern of Chitra which is turned around in a opposite direction. He asks her why did she do this good behaviour. Chitra says they should be happy in the happiness of Vivaan and Reema. Suddenly Riyansh points out a new bangle in the wrist of Chitra. Chitra can’t remember anything. It was actually given by Mayakshi to control everything through Chitra. This is a technical medium of Mayakshi. Chitra gets confused on the questions of Reyansh, but somehow she ignores. Reema is left in confusion.

Chitra makes Reema up with some very beautiful dresses. Chitra orders to control all the emotions of Vivan and advices to make him of her own within one night. Chaya reminds the night of her first night with Rudra. How Rudra loved her with all her care and affectionate behaviour. Simar comes to ask why she is in reverie. Reema explains how much fortune she is to have all these things. She can’t believe these things in real. Simar confirms that no one can depart Reema from vivaan. Being excited, Reema tries to hug Simar, she gets jerk for the locket of matarani which is hanged in the neck Simar. Chitra comes and takes Reema away. Simar suddenly sees a reflection of Chaya in the mirror of her room. She gets totally thunderstrucked. Simar follows her. When Chaya splits from Reema, Simar watches everything. Simar sees that Reema cries for help but when Simar runs to reach to her, Chaya closes the door.
Episode ends.

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