Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th May 2022 Written Update: Dhami is in trouble

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode Dhami stabs Simar with a knife. Simar gets injured but this is all Vivaan’s dream. He gets very nervous. Reema asks him what happened. Vivaan tells her that Dhami has a knife in her hand. Reema says that Dhami does not have a knife in her hand. Vivaan says that Dhami must have hidden the knife. Then some people come there. Dhami gets alert seeing them. Dhami tells Aarav that she has a lot of pain in her leg so can they go to Dr.

Aarav ignores her. Reema is talking to the inspector. Inspector asks her if she is sure that Dhami has done all this. Reema says that Dhami is very dangerous and if he sees the document then he will also come to know that Dhami has done all this. Dhami listens to Reema. Reema goes to her room and sees that the document is missing. She wonders where the documents can go. Then Dhami comes there.

Dhami holds a knife in her hands. Reema is about to leave the room but Dhami locks the door. Simar tells Aarav where Reema has gone. Aarav tells her not to be worried. Reema asks Dhami what she is doing in her room. Dhami shows her the papers and asks if she was looking for them. She burns those papers and puts a knife on Reema’s neck.

She asks Reema if she is feeling scared. Reema refuses and says that she can do anything for her family. Simar comes there. Reema tells her that Dhami has burnt all the evidence. Simar she comes out with the burnt paper. She tells everyone that Dhami had murdered her parents and lies to police that she is mentally ill. Reema tells that Dhami has killed her Dr too.

Dhami says all this is a lie. She hasn’t done any such thing. Simar tells the inspector that he can investigate himself and find out the truth. Dhami says that they cannot do this to her. She says Simar will ruin them all. Aarav says that if she wants to prove Simar wrong then she should introduce them to her parents. Then Dhami’s parents come there.

Simar and everyone else gets shocked seeing this. While Dhami gets happy. Dhami goes to them and hugs them. She asks them to come inside the house. Later Dhami introduces everyone to her parents. Geetanjali asks Aarav and Vivaan if they have ever seen Dhami’s parents. They refuse. Dhami asks her parents to show their ID cards. They do the same.

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