Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th September 2022 Written Update: Simar figures out something wired in Reema

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the advent of the guest. They come one by one dressing up with gorgeous dresses. Mayakshi disguises with a Oriya character, name Rabri behen, greets Chaya gleefully. Chaya becomes surprised to see her in this dress, she was reminded the importance of the day. Mayakshi suggests her to be ready as they have to finish their enemy by tonight. Chaya also looks confident, she affirms that she is prepared to take the revenge. Mayakshi suggests to take care about the plan. Together they enters in the party.

Dance programme is started, all the participants start to dance cheerfully. All the arrangements are top-notch. Mayakshi start to play the role of a singer. Simar notices something doubtful about Chaya, when Chaya comes aside to take a knife. Simar follows Reema and suddenly hugs behind her. Chaya gets a jerk from the locket of the matarani. Simar asks her what’s happened, Chaya neglects the question. Simar looks pleased with the surprise of Reema. Reema says that they will perform classical dance today. Simar looks confused, she expresses her doubt to Aarav. Simar says that Reema never learnt classical dance, how would she perform. Aarav says may be she has the hidden talent about the classical dance.
Chaya starts to perform gorgeously. She looks awesome. Vivaan lost in the beauty of Reema. Everyone is surprised to see performance of Reema. Chaya continues to dance spontaneously. When she stops everyone claps. Vivaan says she loves her and hugs her passionately. Chaya melts in the love of Vivaan. Aarav also opens her heart to Simar. He expresses her love to Simar.

When Vivaan talks with Chaya, Mayakshi interferes in their conversation. Keeping aside Vivaan, Mayakshi warns Chaya to be in her own court and reminds the resolution of them. Again Chhaya looks determined and drags Simar aside. Simar is totally confused. Chaya invites Simar in a dance competition, where Rabri encourages them.

Chaya and Simar start to dance. Both dance wonderfully. Simar gets tired but Chhaya dances vigorously. Simar asks her to stop but she says she is dancing freely after ages. Simar doubts about the originality of Chaya. Being nervous, Simar prays to God to help. Chaya instigates Simar to dance otherwise she will defeat. Simar understands all her intentions. Chaya provokes her to dance as she is dancing after years. Everyone joins with the group dance and continues to dance. Simar thinks to share this Aarav. Chitra does something confidential and takes a plate from matarani. Suddenly Aarav comes but he is distracted by Mayakshi. Aarav says to Mayakshi with someone, but he can’t identify her. Vivan says she is performing today with her band who are invited by Reema herself. Aarav admires her performance. Mayakshi pokes about the love towards Simar. Aarav confirms about the affection for his wife. Vivaan says there is no chance for anyone to get the attraction, Aarav also affirms that. Mayakshi feels jealous. Suddenly, Simar comes and also adjoins about their power of bonding.

Simar expresses about the resembles of Rabri devi with someone. Vivaan introduces Mayakshi as super singer. Aarav defines Simar as a best singer according to him. Rabri pretends to be fan of Simar herself. She announces in the stage about the upcoming surprise performance of Simar. She invites Simar to perform on the stage. Simar feels distracted but Aarav insists her to perform. Vivan and Chhaya also adjoin him. Everyone insists her to perform. Being confused, Simar agrees to sing. Mayakshi drags her on the stage. Simar looks confused. Suddenly the locket of Matarani falls down, and Mayakshi keeps it to her own pocket. There is a magical boundary before the stage. Mayakshi finally announces the name of Simar. Simar prays to God for the blessing. Chaya reminds the power the of Simar but now she is confirmed about her defeat.
Episode ends.

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