Sasural Simar Ka 2: How did Sadhwiji die in the accident!

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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Rudra and his team tries to break the Oswaal family for their own sake. But Simar doesn’t want to return the locket of Damini. While others are busy to celebrate the grand marriage ceremony of six couple, they evils enter to destroy the whole environment.

In today’s episode, she becomes confused as the gifted bangle are become unfit to Simar’s palm. And finally it injures her hand and starts to release blood. When Sadhwiji and her Guru calculate the future, the ashes turn black and they assume something threatening will happen to Simar. Here Oswaal females are busy to open the gift boxes.

Suddenly Chitra notices a giant gift box which makes everyone surprised. When Simar finds the bangle after losing it,she tries to pick it up, she fails but Aarav picks it up easily to put it in her hand. And amazingly with the touch of love of Aarav, the bangle easily moves in the hand of Simar.

Therefore a burning fire cracker runs towards the box and fire startsburning. Aarav successfully extinguishes the fire and sees there is the statue which he picked up in antique shop.

In the next episode, many mysterious things will start to happen. Badima abhorred the look of the statue which turns her very vexed. But Aarav constinently tries explain the hidden beauty of the sculpture. Sadhwiji is called by Simar to inform all the incidents, she again asks her to be conscious about the surroundings.

Meanwhile, to fulfil the dare of the card game, Vivaan, Reema and others insist Aarav to kiss the statue going in the basement. In spite of having objection of Simar, Aarav kisses the statue and records it in a video, and get trapped in the basement.

Later Sadhwiji lost her life in an accident, which makes everyone in Oswal disappointed and devastated. Simar and Reema promise that they will try their best to keep Oswaal safe.

Why did the auspicious flowers turn to black! Why did the shopkeeper die!
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