Sasural Simar Ka 2: Reema to reveal her real desire?

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Sasural Simar Ka is all set for high drama as in upcoming episodes viewers will see how Simar will live up to expectations or not. How destiny plays its role for Aarav and Simar? The show will be unrevealing lot many mysteries of Oswal family.

In the previous episode we have seen that Simar tried to comforted Reema but Reema was not ready to accept Simar sweet behaviour towards her. She told Simar that she knew whatever happened with her in this house after her marriage. Reema closed the door and told Simar that she remembered things with her convince only.
Reema asked her that how could circumstances bend her to marry her brother-in-law. Simar told her that she married Aarav just because of his father, otherwise something would have happened to him. She told her everything happened that day and also told her that she was not there to witness it. Simar warned Reema that she was going to be Aarav’s bride but now circumstances had changed, now she was Aarav’s wife.

Simar tried to justify herself. Reema revealed to Simar her real desire to marry Vivaan. Simar is shocked to know the real plan of Reema. Simar told Reema that she should not betray Vivaan, Reema replied her that she doesn’t had any option and she would take revenge from Oswal family.

Chitra tried to gain Reema’s trust by gifting her necklace. She told her that she accepted her as Vivaan’s wife, Vivaan was very happy to see them close to each other.They both pretended. It was Griraj plan to take Reema with them and then to gain Geetanjali Devi’s confidence.

Reema asked Vivaan to postpone their first night as first she wanted to convince and get blessings from all her elders. Vivaan agreed to it. Simar prayed to Mata Rani and shared her feelings with Mata Rani. She also promised Mata Rani that she won’t allow Reema to hurt Aarav again. Aarav also came and they both took Mata Rani’s blessings.

In the upcoming episode we will see that Aarav and Simar spends time together listening to music. Reema will reveal to Aarav that she did all these dramas to get him back. He will hold her hand and ask her to get out of his room. As he will open the door, Simar will be standing infront of the door.

Will Aarav give Simar divorce?

What will be Geetanjali Devi next step?

How Reema will take her revenge?

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