Sathya 19th January 2021 Written Update: Prabhu taking interview to Raasathi

Sathya 19th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Maragatham, Kanmani and her mom asking votes to all one by one. Another side Azhagar and Sasi announcing to all that Raasathi gonna come to everyone house at same time. Azhagar and Sasi teasing Maragatham and leaves from there. She question Kanmani that they are asking votes to all till they can’t able to finish 30 but how comes she gonna visit everyone house.

Kanmani says they are lying to all people will never vote to her. Maragatham and Kanmani notice the drums sound and think they aee welcoming her. But soon reality strike her its an funeral house. Maragatham glares Kanmani. Those people didn’t allow her to go from there. Another side Prabhu takes Raasathi to one place to cover her interview. He ask her to do her best. Prabhu taking interview to her. He is question her did she thinking there is any qualification to come to political? She replies that those who wish to help people is enough.

Prabhu question her about politics. Kanmani mom ask the people to switch on Tv. They do it for her. Maragatham got shocked seeing Raasathi on tv. Kanamani calls to Kaanchana and ask her to stop the interview. She ask her henchmans to stop the interview or break the channel.

Prabhu question Raasathi what she gonna do for this village? She replies there is some limits for chairman. She will do everything for them. First she will give super road to all. Because road is very impprtant to one village its helpful to travel in emergency time. She will encourage Farming , Education, Job. Iniyan and Prabhu staring her pridely. Maruthu and his henchmans comes there and ask one of the goon to go in and check what’s going on there. He is sending the goons one by one when they are getting late to come back.

Maruthu gets frustrate so he send the last one too to check them. Maruthu enters there to check and find everyone moaning in pain. Iniyan sitting there holding wood. Maruthu leaves from there. Kaanchana shouts in frustration. Raasathi comes to funeral house and gives her console to them. They appreciate her interview. She ask them to stop talk about it here she is here to attend this funeral.

Kanmani is beating her mom with whip for ruining the programme. Maragatham comes there and stops her. She is asking to her why did she beating her she is her mom. Kanmani staring her mom scold her. Maragatham starts to beat her. She woke up from dream. Maragatham hears her family appreciating Raasathi and thinks she will win the chairman election. She scold Kanmani for giving this worst idea to her.

That Raasathi gave interview to channel and impressed everyone. That Sathya and Prabhu giving super idea to her but here They took her to funeral place. Maragatham says that she took wrong decision trusting her. She warns her if she didn’t win the election then she will hate her too.

Kanmani meet Kaanchana and inform this to her. She assures to her that she will take care of it.

Episode end.