Story 9 Months Ki 19th January 2021 Written Update: Sarang blames himself for Alia’s tears

Story 9 Months Ki 19th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavya indicating the table at which Nandini is sitting. Alia turns around but it isn’t able to see her face. She asks Sarang to come with her but Sarang makes excuse that she has to do some calculation with Kavya.

Alia walks towards the table. Nandini gets emotional recalling some childhood memories with her daughter. Before Alia sees her, she meets her old teacher who praises her a lot for her success and her good behaviour which is unlike children who grow up without parents and usually lead to a wrong way. Alia says that her not so good childhood taught her important life lessons. The teacher asks her to meet children at class. Alia gives her card saying that now she has a meeting. The teacher takes it and leaves.

Alia turns around. Nandini gets up too and they come face to face. Both recall the moment Nandini left Alia who was chasing her car and requesting her to stop. Nandini was hoping that she will understand when she will grow up. Alia’s eyes well up and walks away. Nandini follows her and asks her to stop and give her a second chance. Alia asks her if she had given her a second chance and had stopped when she left.

Sarang regrets bringing Alia there since now Alia is in pain. Kavya tries to stop him but Sarang rushes towards Alia leaving Kavya.

Nandini asks Alia to forgive her and says that she could never stay apart from her even though she was distant. Alia asks her if she can forgive the child who used to hug a pillow when she used to get scared at night; nobody was there for her when she used to get injured and none of her parents used to come at school for any annual day function or parents teaching meeting; she says that other children used to bully her. She says that she doesn’t even want to remember her childhood and only her baby sitter was there while even her father was busy with work and just used to give her gifts. Sarang comes there. Nandini asks sorry but Alia says that she was dead to her the day she left her and she would have never come if she knew that she was Sharma Ji.

Alia gets in her car but Sarang comes and insists to drive. Alia threatens to fire her again but he is keen on not letting her drive in this state. Alia goes to sit behind. Sarang gets in the car and drives away. Nandini cries standing behind.

Alia cries hard in the car. Sarang looks at her through rear-view mirror and feels bad. Alia remembers how once in childhood she wanted to show her gold medal to her father but he was busy attending a call. Sarang cries too seeing Alia crying. Rabia calls Alia to meet her but Alia says that she wants to stay alone. Rabia asks her to take rest as they will meet tomorrow.

Sarang stops the car in front of Alia’s house and, before she leaves, he tries convincing her to listen to Nandini and give a second chance to her. Alia refuses and asks him to leave but he refuses saying that he has been able to cross every difficulty because he had someone supporting him and affirms that he won’t leave her alone since she is also pregnant. He tells her that he also knew that Nandini is her mother and he did all this thinking she will need her mother. Alia asks him who gave him the right to take decisions for her and blames him for betraying her. She leaves.

Sarang returns to her colony where Kavya is waiting for him. She asks how Alia is. Sarang says that she is not well and thinks he betrayed her. Kavya asks him if it bothers him. He replies that he will never be able to forgive himself for her tears. Kavya says that he loves her. Sarang looks at her stunned. Kavya says that someone’s pain bothers them so much when that person is special but Sarang says that there is nothing between him and Alia: two people can be friends also, it isn’t necessary to be boyfriend and girlfriend. He shouts. Kavya leaves.

The next morning, Alia remembers meeting Nandini. Rabia comes there and asks Alia if she is fine. Alia asks her to sit. The two take places at the table. Rabia asks her if something happened at office. Alia says that she met Nandini after Sarang recommended her as painter for Direct dil se. She wonders who the hell he thinks he is to interfere in her life. Rabia reveals that he is her baby’s donor shocking Alia.

Episode ends

Precap: Kavya tells sArang that when someone’s happiness become our happiness and their pain becomes our own then it is love. Rabia asks Alia to tell Sarang that he is her baby’s donor if he wants. Alia calls Sarang home.