Sathya 1st December 2020 Written Update: Sathya and Prabhu won the title

Sathya 1st December 2020 Written Update on

Today epusode starts with Vinoth informing to Prabhu that he killed his wife in an accident. Now she is no more. So just go with her by saying he beaten Prabhu he fell down. Prabhu close his eyes and remind Sathya happy face. He gets tears recollecting the cute moments with Sathya. He gets up energitically and punched on his face. Vinoth fell down with thud.

Chidambaram gets frustrate seeing it. Vinoth get up soon. Prabhu about to punch him again but feels dizzy. Vinoth reveals one more truth to him that he mixed drugs in his drinks. Then pushed him away. But before he falling down Sathya comes there and carry him in her hand. She is caressing his face and calling him tensed.

 Prabhu is not opening his eyes. Vinoth doubts how did she escaped from the accident. Sathya glares Vinoth and keep calling Prabhu. He opens his eyes and feels happy seeing Sathya alive. She question him what happened to him? He replies to her that he cheat him like before? She ask to him what did he done to him? He replies to her that he mixed drugs in his drinks that’s why he can’t able to fight with him.

 Sathya caressing his face and glaring Vinoth. They announced Vinoth as the winner but Sathya shouts and says to them he is not the real winner he used the wrong path to do it. Vinoth ask to her what did he done? Sathya says to him if he is a real fighter he must take good path to do it instead of mixing drugs in his juice.  Vinoth deny it.

He gives an open challenge to all if anyone has the dare to face him then win him on the stage? Sasi ask to him none will come on stage darely that’s why he is saying this? If he has the dare fight with Sathya? He stare him confused.

Sathya glares him. Vinoth looks down on her because she is a girl. Sathya ask him to fight with her. He smirks and allow the fight. Prabhu ask Sathya to don’t leave him. Vinoth sits there confused in the doubt how did she escaped from the accident? He ask his uncle to give the phone to him. He dials to the goons to learn the truth?

He ask to them how did Sathya escaped from the accident? He informs to him that their few guys lighting up the crackers on that time so he hit the cycle guy instead of Sathya. Sathya gets surprised and shouts on them. Goons escaped from the spot. Then Sathya called the Ambulance. It came and clear the dead body from there. Sathya leaves from there in bike. Vinoth scold them for missing an golden oppurtunity. Then disconnect the call.

Vinoth gives back the phone to his uncle. He warns him that Sathya is not less don’t understimate her. He ask him to trust him. Sathya wears the gloves. Both Vinoth and Sathya glaring each other. Before the count down starts Sathya starts to attack him angrily not even giving gap to him to breath back. She knocked out at him.

Refree counting and announce Sathya as the winner. Prabhu smiles in happiness. Sathya stare Prabhu and feels happy seeing him. Chidambaram gives trophy to Sathya she refuse to accept it and calls Prabhu on stage. She says to them that Prabhu deserves to take this title because he won the all round without knowing the basic rules. Both received the trophy happily. Sathya hold Prabhu hands and leaves happily

Episode end.