Sathya 20th January 2021 Written Update: Maragatham slaps Prabhu

Sathya 20th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kanmani visit Kanchana and ex. Chairman. She ask them to do something and make Maragatham win this election. Ex. Chairman says to her that he gave money to all people to won the election. Kanchana says that all peoples are dump they will do anything for money. Let’s correct them with money. Kaanchana says to her let’s give tocken to all because it’s not risk. They can’t able to take action against them.

One day before we can give cash to them by collecting tokens. Kanmani thinking about how to give tokens to all overnight. Kanchana assures to her she will take care of it. But she wanna give money to them correctly or else they will turn against her. Kanmani says cash is not a matter to her she wanna see Maragatham win the election.

Ex. Chairman asking crowds to vote for Maragatham. He will give the money to them as return. Maragatham comes there in jeep. He ask them to shout her name. Maragatham asking them to vote for her. Kanmani says to her she corrected everyone with money so nothing to worry. Maragatham replies she is proud of her. Sasi comes there and gives notice to all and ask them to vote for Raasathi. Kanmani and group glaring him.

Maragatham giving a speech to all..sasi asking votes to one by one house. Kanmani comes there and humiliating him as a slave of Prabhu and Sathya. Sasi warns her that Sathya will finish her if she comes to know it. Kanmani slaps him and pushes him on mud. Sasi is staring at her emotionally.

Kanmani says to Sasi that she is ready to face Sathya ask her to come here. She will finish her. She warns him to leave the place and takes her mom from there. One lady notice this all. Azhagar asking vote for Raasathi while two gents ask to him will they offer drinks as return for it. Azhagar replies no. So they deny to vote and tear the notice and stand on it. Azhagar gets angry and starts fight with them.

Raasathi and Iniyan notice this and rushes to him. They seperate them. Azhagar explain to them what was happened. Raasathi says to him she decided to service for people so she wanna face different types of people. Its won’t work she ask him to stop asking vote for her. Iniyan support Azhagar and plead Raasathi to forgive him. Prabhu asking votes for Raasathi while he notice her notice is on mud. He enquired to one lady she narrate to him what happened with Sasi. He starts searching for him.

Sasi is cleaning his dirty dress and thinking not to inform anything to Prabhu and Sathya to avoide problem. Prabhu goes near him and enquiring him. Sasi ask him to avoide it orelse this will create a problem. Prabhu says that he can’t able to leave this problem. If Sathya or Raasathi know about it then they won’t sit silent. Prabhu asking the crowd to say an answer to him. Maragatham comes there and slap Prabhu not ready to listen him. Sasi gets tensed. Prabhu says that Raasathi thinking her as her mom that’s why he is quiet orelse he will show his real face. Maragatham glaring him. Prabhu alert her that Kanmani is evil be aware of her she gonna realize it in the election.

Sasi saying to Prabhu that he don’t like him got slap from Maragatham. Prabhu deny it and says it will create huge problem and spoil Raasathi relationship with Maragatham. Prabhu ask Sasi to promise with him.

Episode end.