Story 9 Months Ki 20th January 2021 Written Update: Alia gets frantic after knowing that Sarang is her baby’s donor

Story 9 Months Ki 20th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rabia revealing Alia that Sarang is her baby’s donor giving her the shock of her life. Alia chuckles and tells Rabia that her mind or her sense of humour must have got spoilt. She cannot believe it but Rabia confirms that she has double checked it. Alia still cannot accept that Sarang is her baby’s donor and says that his name is Rishi but Rabia reminds her when she had asked what her donor is doing at her place. Alia still repeats that her baby’s donor is Rishi. Rabia asks her if she has met her personally. Alia recalls what happened when donor came for the process and she met Sarang who was wearing orange kurta, the one that the nurse had said that the donor is wearing. She is incredulous and faints.

On the other hand, Sarang comes to Kavya’s place and says that he should have not said what he said yesterday. Rabia says that she should have not said I love you to him. She says that it is fine. Sarang says that it is not fine since Alia is hurt because of him. Kavya says that when one’s pain bother them so much then they love that person.

Meanwhile, Sunita is concerned about Alia who has fainted and is now lying on bed and asks Rabia to call doctor. Rabia says that she is a doctor herself and sends Sunita out saying that she has to do Alia’s check up. Sunita cries for Alia.

Sarang insists that he doesn’t love Alia and just respect her and is grateful to her for making him a writer. He asks Kavya to understand that and then leaves. Kavya wishes she could make herself understand. Sarang thinks he and Alia can never happen: they are opposite to each other, it is impossible.

Alia gets conscious and behaves like she had a bad dream in which Rabia told her about Sarang being her baby’s donor. Rabia confirms that it was true and not a dream. Alia imagines her child be like Sarang and talking with his accent (she imagines a child with his head) and goes desperate. Sunita cries saying that Gautam passed away and adds that he was a good man. Rabia says that nothing happened to him and sends her in kitchen. Rabia assures Alia that her kid will be like her only. Alia wonders how all this happened since Sarang was not even in the list of donors. Rabia tells her that Sarang doesn’t even know about all this and it is her decision to tell him or not. Alia is frustrated. She cries. Rabia tries comforting her asking her not to make it this serious. Nandini calls Alia and she shouts at her saying that she calls whenever she wants and she leaves whenever she wants. She cuts the call and asks Rabia and Sunita to leave her alone too. The two leave.

“Maana ke hum yaar nahi” plays when Alia roams around the house trying not to believe that Sarang is her baby’s donor but she realizes she cannot change it. At the same time, Sarang keeps denying she is in love with Alia.

At office, Param says that employee and boss are both late. Sarang comes and Param scolds him. Sarang apologizes and asks whether Alia hasn’t come yet. He learns that Alia and Rahul both haven’t come yet. Sarang decides to go to talk with Alia to solve the issue since he created it and it is not good for Alia and her child to be tensed right now. She leaves. Param wonders if this is an office or circus that he is leaving and coming whenever he wants.

Alia is in her room when the doorbell rings. She refuses to open the door when she sees it’s Sarang. She says that she won’t give him what he wants. Sarang asks her how she knows what she wants. She gets hyper so he asks her to get calm otherwise the baby will have bad effect. Alia forbids him to talk about her baby. She lets herself fall down and sits with her back merged to the door. Sarang sits with his back against the door too. Sarang recites a poetry encouraging her to share her pain. He keeps asking Alia if he is fine and says that he doesn’t know how to get her forgiveness.

Alia gets a notebook and asks his blood group. He asks if she got low blood pressure and then replies that it is B positive. Alia asks more questions about his allergies and education and then finally opens the door. She says that she has to talk about something important with him.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia and Sarang sit at the table. Alia still cannot believe that Sarang is her baby’s donor. She asks Sarang to listen to her carefully.