Sathya 22nd June 2021 Written Update: Sathya humiliates Anitha

Sathya 22nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prabhu, Sathya, Selvi and Sasi are sitting in terrace then eating the snacks. Sathya questions Selvi doesn’t she cooking non veg well then why didn’t she cooked like this in her house? Prabhu teases her by saying may be her helper know to cook well looking at Sasi. Prabhu questions them Is they liked this house? They nods and thank Sathya for searching a good house for them. Sathya questions them Is they blabbered the truth to them? Sathya says to him that she was busy in searching for Divya on that time so she can’t able to question him anything? Why did he left the house soon doesn’t they asked them to stay there some more days.

Sasi tries to manage the situation so Selvi sends him to buy coffee powder. She too excuses Sathya reasoning to prepare coffee for them. Sathya and Prabhu reaches to their house. Prabhu questions her why is she stopped in her way? Sathya asks him to leave. Prabhu questions her what’s bothering her she even didn’t eat anything properly in Sasi house. She lies to him that her stomach is upset so she wanna drink some curd. Prabhu leaves from there.

Sathya comes to kitchen. Shanthi questions her Is she need anything to eat? She deny it reasoning she ate full in Selvi house. Sathya says to Shanthi that She asked Selvi to stay here some more days but they left soon she felt its odd. What actually happened there? Is she know anything about it? Shanthi hesitates to share with her. Sathya questions Shanthi Is anyone said anything to Sasi and Selvi in her absence? Sathya says her silence making her doubt strong. Shanthi shares what actually happened there? Sathya says that she guessed it correct she will deal with them. Veerasingham is eating chips there and forward it to Anitha reasoning his stomach will be upset if he eat before her. Sathya comes there and glares them.

Veerasingham thinks that Sathya glares is wrong. Sathya questions Anitha Is she has any wetness in her heart? Is she know how to behave properly? Anitha says to her she didn’t bother in slum like her. Sathya says that she may borned in slum but she can understand others pain unlike her. In anger she wishes to beat Anitha to death but she is staying silent for Prabhu. She brought Sasi to this house because his mom didn’t accepted his marriage but Anitha spoiled everything and insulted them. Anitha says that she didn’t lie to him?

Sathya questions them what’s the truth? If Sasi eat the free food from here then what is Veerasingham and Anitha are doing here? She never saw Veerasingham went to a work? Both are staying here and eating the free food. Anitha questions her Is she equal with Sasi? She is this house daughter and Veerasingham is son in law of this house how dare she compare them with that Sasi. Sathya says to her may be it’s her birth place but after marriage she lost the rights in this house. Food and medicine are only for three days. Is she trying to eat free food in her mom’s house life long? She insults them and leaves from there.

Veerasingham consoles her. Anitha beating him for eating again without thinking about the insult. She warns him again to don’t go behind the food. Prabhu drinks the water and notices the gift which Sathya craved for him in ice. He is staring it happily. Sathya comes there and doubts what happened to him? Sathya questions him why is he staring it out of the blue? Prabhu questions her whom gifted this to him? He says Divya gave it to him. Sathya nods without option. Prabhu thinks that he wishes to make her confess the truth.

Prabhu says to her he wishes to help Divya through set a new business to her. Doesn’t she know well to create gifts so this work is perfect to her. Sathya thinks for a while and again lies to Prabhu. She wishes to see him doing something good for Divya. Sathya asks him to set business for Divya. Sathya leaves from there Prabhu thinks that Sathya is not giving up on her sister and hiding her talents. He thinks that one day she will definitely share it with him. Sathya meet her mom and grandma. Janaki questions Sathya why did she bring Divya here? Janaki and grandma are hurting Divya with their words.

Episode end.