Sathya 24th January 2021 Written Update: Sathya’s smart move

Sathya 24th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Raasathi and Iniyan reach the guest house. They enquired to the police what happened there? They ask them to go and check inside. Iniyan and Raasathi gets tensed seeing the blood stain there. They ask the police where is Prabhu and Sathya? Police blames Raasathi as culprit. She killed them and shows the video as proof. Iniyan gets angry but Police takes her out.

One old age man says that Raasathi standing in this election opposite to her mother in law so she is ready to kill her friend to get sympathy vote. Media is covering it all and giving pressure to her. Kaanchana henchman informing this to her she replies that she is also watching the news. Maragatham gets happy seeing it. While constable arresting her Sathya and Prabhu comes there and stop Inspector. Sathya ask him to find out how comes she is alive? Sathya and Prabhu informing to him that some goons came to kill her but not Raasathi she played the original video to him.

Sathya narrate to him that she beated them all and got the truth from them. Goons reveals to them that Kaanchana ordered to them to kill Sathya and frame Raasathi hands behind it to damage her name. Inspector ask to them that they knew it then why didn’t they complaint to him instead creating this big scene? Prabhu replies they planned this much to ruin her image so they used to give some fame to Raasathi by it. Inspector appologize to Raasathi and ask the goons to give statement against Kaanchana. They nods. Maragatham glares Kanmani and Gokila. Rest all feels happy for Raasathi. Sathya and Raasathi hugs each other.

Kaanchana tries to escape in car but it got punchard. She ask lift to one car and sit inside it but she unaware its police car. They arrested her. Maragatham scold Kanmani for bringing Maruthu there
She replies that she called him because no one is in home. Maragatham complaint that Kaanchana took risk and ruined her image she fears she may confess against her. Maruthu deny it. Kanmani assures her she can get bail for her if she win the election. If they give saries for ladies and drinks for men its enough to get their votes nothing to worry. Maragatham ask to her she is lack of money. Kanmani replies to her that she asked money to ex. Chairman on property papers. She gets tensed hearing it. Kanmani and Gokila leaves to distribute it to people.

Raasathi ask Sathya and Prabhu to leave that place fearing something wrong will happen to them. Sathya deny it and says to her she will never go without seeing her win the election. Maragatham family reach to voting place. Drunkers thank her for distributing drinks to them. Maragatham feels ashamed seeing it and leaves from there to do vote. Her family votes done. Then Raasathi family comes there and voted.

Peoples are greeting her. Ex.chairman family to gives votes. Election commissioner announcing the votes counts. Maragatham is leading till 4th round affer that Raasathi starts leading. Raasathi win the election. Everyone starts to enjoy it but Maragatham and Kanmani got shocked hearing it. Prabhu advise to Maragatham she might understand Raasathi and accept her as her daughter in law. She will understand it soon. They are celebrating her victory. Prabhu informs to Raasathi that he is leaving.

Episode end