Namak Issk Ka 25th January 2021 Written Update: Rupa asks Yug for a difficult promise.

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Yug and Kahani to ditch Gunjan?

Namak Issk Ka 25th January 2021 Written Update on

Rupa asks Yug what are you thinking? Yug asks her to tell him the truth. She tells I am not hiding anything from you that you don’t know. Rupa tells him I know you love me a lot and she thinks all the things he has done for her. Yug tells he is lucky to have her as his mother. Rupa asks him to promise her to listen to her.

Kahani hugs Rani,she tells her if she is okay. Rani tells Yug brought you her and he tied your bandaid too.Kahani tells she knows Yug is a very good person but for her he has to become bad. She thinks he is so much different from his brother,even while punishing me Yug’s heart break. Rony asks Kahani what have you taught my wife why is she hiding the truth? He tells I cannot think what is she thinking. Kahani tells him to return Lucky and everything will be okay. Rony tells Lucky is okay and if she keeps talking about him he will make him unlucky.

Yug visits Kahani. He packs her luggage and she tells she is not going anywhere with him. She asks him if he thinks she is a toy? She tells she is not going to do what he wants her to do. Yug tells you don’t know what I want but I know what you want. He gives her money and asks her to do what he tells her,Kahani agrees and goes with him.

Yug brings her to his house. Rony thinks what is going on. Iravati asks why is this girl here? Yug tells Kahani is going to dance on my marriage. Iravati tells she won’t dance in Gunjan’s marriage and this is my marriage. Gunjan asks why would you bring her here? She destroyed our rituals,she asks Yug if he is hiding anything. Rupa tells yes he is hiding something,she tells Yug is hiding that I told him to bring Kahani here. Rupa tells she saved my life I just need one chance to repay her. She doesn’t have money so I am giving her work. Kahani thinks why is Rupa doing all this. Rupa asks Gunjan to let her give this chance to Kahani. Gunjan tells if you want it,your happiness matters to me most. Rupa tells tomorrow there is going to be two marriages in this house. Raunak’s and I will also get married again tomorrow. I want to strengthen my relationship with him even more. Yug supports her decision.

Kahani thinks about Rupa’s words and dances. She is about to hurt herself while dancing but Yug saves her and holds her in his arms. Yug tells her I brought you here because I promised Rupa. He tells I made a deal with Raunak and he will marry Rony tomorrow. Kahani congratulates him for his marriage tomorrow and tells him she will pray to God. Yug tells her you want to break someone’s house and build your own and no dancer can fulfil this journey. You won’t get married and even if someone marries you it would be just for name.

Raunak tells Kahani what is Rupa thinking? Why is starting an already finished picture? Kahani tells I know the same as you. Raunak tells daag the fire(Rupa) has created a big confusion. Rupa gives her chunri to Kahani and hands her suhaag things which came for tomorrow’s marriage to Kahani. Rupa tells till date I prayed for Raunak’s happiness. This society has taught us to do everything for our husband’s happiness. In that process our own identity gets lost like mine and maybe I will get lost too but I want to give Raunak his happiness before going and she tells Kahani you are his happiness. Rupa tells I used to think I was his wife but I was a burden on him,I lied that it is my and Raunak’s marriage but the truth is Raunak and Kahani will get married.

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