Sathya 26th January 2021 Written Update: Prabhu warns Kanmani

Sathya 26th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Village head comes to praise Raasathi. They give an gift to her for won the election. After them ex. Chairman comes there to appreciate her winning the election under the pressure. He says to her he is ready to help in everything he was in her position before so he knew well what will happen and how to tackle it all. Raasathi replies to him that he fail to do it that’s why people vote for her instead of him. He leaves from there silent. Manakaratchi peoples comes there and inform to her that collector gonna come and appoint her as chairman coming 7th.

Everyone congratulating her. Prabhu praises Iniyan for supporting her. He says that she is lucky to get him as her husband. Azhagar says that she is also not less even he is lucky to get her as his wife. Ponni daughter says that she gonna become famous due to collector. Kanmani is blabbering in tension she can’t able to digest the fact Raasathi turns to be a chairman. Gokila says she can’t able to change anything now. Kanmani says that Raasathi is an uneducated fellow she beat her. She thought that she can rule all using Maragatham. Kanmani says to her that she gonna make her resign from this position soon.

Ponni brings tea to all. Azhagar praise her tea. Prabhu ask to her did she has any idea about the first sign as a chairman. Raasathi replies that she gonna save water. All rivers are not maintained well she gonna remove soil and increase the depth of river so we can save water in rainy season. Iniyan and Prabhu praise her. Raasathi says that she gonna feed all hungry peoples here. Iniyan ask to her how will she start it without money. Raasathi replies that she gonna ask donnation to rich people.Prabhu appreciate her and says he will start this project with his money. He takes ons rupee coin. Ilakkiya laughs for it. He donates 5lakhs rs for her. Raasathi praise his heart.

Sasi drunk and walking in road while singing. He thinks that no one is ready to give company to him. He feel to sleep in varanda but the owner slaps him reasoning young daughter is in his house. He go to another one house so he question him did he has young daughter in house he wanna sleep. He too slap him. Sasi narrate to him what he meant. Kanmani ask Gokila to cut the cake. She blushes and deny it. She dreamt it all and fell down. Kanmani comes there and scold her for rolling down from bed in this age. She is giving hint to her to celebrate her birthday. She wishes her for her birthdat and ask her to invite Maragatham too to bring her out of her room.

Prabhu and Sasi reach temple and praying to god. He break coconut for rituals and ask Sasi to break the remain ones. Kanmani and Gokila reach the temple and buy the archana thaal. While breaking last coconut its hit Kanmani head. She blames him that he took revenge on her for slapping him. She about to slap him Prabhu pushes her down and warns her.

Episode end.