Story 9 Months Ki 26th January 2021 Written Update: Alia wants Sarang to leave her life

Story 9 Months Ki 26th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mr Poonawala talking with Sarang and Alia and telling them that they must have great memories about their birth which their parents told them. Alia recalls how his father preferred working on his deal instead of being at hospital when she was born. Sarang remembers how his father complained about him dirtying his clothes when he was short. Mr Poonawala wants Sarang and Alia to work together and plan party which his son is planning for his grandson’s arrival and Sarang to write a poetry about being a good father. Mr Poonawala leaves.

Sarang seeks Alia’s help because writing a poetry about being a good father is impossible for him and he thinks she can help him because she is becoming mother. Alia says that being a parent is the best feeling, it is irreplaceable because it is like someone is hugging her for 9 months, this baby is her world and she wants to give her baby the whole word as both mother and father. Sarang listens to her staring at her and smiling. He tells her that he knows about her baby being born by IVF since he saw the envelope that came for her. He leaves. Alia is feeling guilty for hiding the truth for him.

Rahul reveals everyone that Alia decided to make them all work from home. They are confused because this rule is for expecting mothers only and there is no pregnant women there. Sarang feels all this is happening because of him since Alia wants to stay away from him. Alia thinks that this cannot be a permanent solution and she has to think about another one to keep Sarang away from the baby. She leaves and walks away even when Sarang tries stopping her.

In the evening, Alia talks with Rabia saying that Sarang is learning everything about her without even trying and she knows he became her donor by Rahul’s trick but she wants him away for the baby and at the same time she can’t ruin his career since he is genuinely a good writer. On the other hand, Sarang feels guilty for reading Alia’s letter and shares the same with Ramesh. Meanwhile Alia guesses Sarang will leave her company if he gets a better year. She looks at the lucky coin Sarang had gifted her. She gets emotional and cuts the call with Rabia.

The next morning, Alia talks with a producer to make him hire Sarang. The producer isn’t sure because he has no much experience. Alia praises Sarang a lot and the producer is surprised to see that since he has been working with Alia since long but she hasn’t ever praised someone this much. Alia says that he is very talented therefore she is recommending him. The producer decides to contact him.

On the other hand, Sarang is trying to work from home but his roommates are making noise while arguing. He goes out but a child is playing. He gets a call from Mr Mehta, from Eminem Production, the producer Alia talked with. The producer offers him job and he gets happy. He says that he is already working but can do both the jobs. They fix a meeting.

At night, Alia thinks that none will come between her and her baby now since tomorrow Sarang will be offered to write a movie and he will become writer while she will become a mother without any worry. She thinks that Sarang will finally disappear from her life forever.

The next day, Sarang goes to meet Mr Mehta. On the set, there is the girl who Rahul had paid to make Sarang donate sperm. Sarang meets Mr Mehta. They sit together. Mr Mehta says that he has the habit of launching new talents. He wants Sarang to write for him and he will pay 15laakh for each movie. He adds that he can exclusively work on his movie until it hasn’t done and suggests him leaving job at Direct Dil Se. Sarang says that he will work for him on the movie in morning and for direct dil se at night but Mr Mehta doesn’t want that. He advices Sarang to grab the opportunity. Sarang asks him to trust him but Mr Mehta wants his 24 hours for six months. Sarang rejects the offer asking him to contact him if he changes his mind and then leaves.

Once outside, Sarang meets Meera, the girl who Rahul had paid to make Sarang donate sperm and asks her if she works there only. Meera is called to act. A crew member reveals Sarang that she has not done phd, like he believes, but he is just a junior actor who does a lot of overacting. Sarang is shocked and wonders why Rahul lied to him. Later, Meera comes at Rahul’s house.


Episode ends

Precap: Rahul reveals Sarang that he is Alia’s baby’s donor. Later, Sarang confronts Alia claiming that the 9 months journey is his only but Alia says that it is hers only. Sarang is shocked to realize that she knew that he was the donor.