Sathya 27th February 2021 Written Update: Prabhu helps Sathya

Sathya 27th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya is waiting for Prabhu. Indhumathi questions her why is she staring the door often? Is she waiting to see Prabhu? Sathya nods blushing. She complaints to her that Prabhu used to come early but today he is late. Indhumathi asks her to wait more. Sathya says to her that she can’t able to wait because she wants to see the drawing immediately. Indhumathi says to her he will definitely bring it today. He may late because he is wrapping the gift with papers. Sathya agrees with her. Just then Prabhu comes there.

Sathya and Indhumathi excites to meet him. Sathya and Indhumathi are taking glance of him from top to bottom but gets disappoints seeing him there in empty hands. Indhumathi questions him why is he here with empty hands? Prabhu asks to her Is he forget anything? She didn’t ask him to bring anything today? Indhumathi about to ask but Sathya stops her. Prabhu questions them what’s going between them. Sathya lies to him as nothing. Prabhu says to them that he notices them signaling something through eyes. Sathya again says its nothing.

Prabhu says to Indhumathi that he forgot to buy medicine. Those medicine is not available in the pharmacy so he thoughts to buy it on the way. He forgot it. Just then Doctor and Nurse comes there to check Sathya. Doctor is checking Sathya’s leg. He asks to her Is she have any pain in her leg?

She replies as no. Doctor asks Nurse to bring the report of her. He checks it and asks Sathya to move her leg little. Prabhu asks Sathya to move her leg to her right and left slowly. He asks her to don’t strain much. Doctor asks Prabhu to let him do his work. Doctor also says the same to Sathya. Prabhu glares Doctor. Sathya is moving her leg and says to him she has less pain now. Doctor says to Sathya she must take walking practice then only she can able to walk soon. He says to her strictly don’t take much strain but keep practicing.

Doctor asks to her family to being with her always and keep practice. Prabhu assures to him that he will be with her. Doctor says to him that Sathya needs more attention now so leave his work for some days and stays beside Sathya. She needs his love and care more in this time. Sathya and Indhumathi are staring him. Prabhu agrees with him. Doctor leaves from there.

Nurse informs to Prabhu that medicine reached pharmacy he can get it from there. He nods. Prabhu says to Indhumathi he is going to buy the medicine so take care of Sathya. Give walking practice to her. Indhumathi deny it reasoning Doctor asks him to do it, so she will go and buy the medicine for her. Prabhu signals to Sathya let’s do practice. She nods in signal. Prabhu makes her stand properly. He asks Sathya to take slow steps.

Sathya is walking with Prabhu’s support. Prabhu asks Sathya to look down while walking orelse she will be slip. Sathya says to him that he is here to caught her. Both starts walking again. Prabhu complaints again when she slipped. Sathya repeats to him that he is there to caught her while slipping. Both starts practicing again. Romantic song plays at the backround. Prabhu asks Sathya to don’t take much strain. He helps Sathya lay on bed.

Indhumathi comes there. Prabhu leaves from there. Prabhu and Sasi are staring the drawing. Sasi appreciates Prabhu’s work. Sasi asks him to gift this to Sathya. Prabhu replies to him that Sathya may not enjoy this thoroughly in this state so he wishes to surprise her in Tajmahal. Sasi asks him to do it soon reasoning we can’t predict what will happen next? Meanwhile Sathya feels sad because Prabhu didn’t gift her the drawing. Indhumathi tries to convince her but went in vain. She refuses to take food. Prabhu comes there Indhumathi complaints to Prabhu about Sathya and leaves from there. Prabhu scolding Sathya for not eating anything.

Episode end.