Sathya 5th July 2021 Written Update: Anitha badmouths on Sathya

Sathya 5th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Veerasingham says to Anitha that he brought one tonic if someone drinks it they start vomit. Anitha asks him to don’t mix it in everyone food she can’t able to see her mom was hurt. Veerasingham tells her let’s mix it in Sathya’s food then everyone lose their happiness there. Anitha appreciates his idea and asuures to him that she will give it to Sathya. Anitha says that she gonna prepare juice for all and mix this in Sathya’s juice. Veerasingham praises her idea but she glares him back. Anitha takes juice for all and mix the tonic in Sathya’s juice. Prabhu comes there and enquires her what’s she doing? She informs to him that she is preparing juice to all.

Prabhu questions her in doubt when did she starts doing such things? He takes the juice from her forcefully and serves to all. He asks Anitha to drink one glass and gives two glasses to his mom and Sathya. Anitha doubts may tonic mixed in her glass. Prabhu makes her drink that forcefully. Anitha starts vomit there. Indhumathi and Sathya enquires to her what happened? Anitha says she feels uneasy that’s why she vomited. After her Soumya rushes out to vomit. Veerasingham doubts why is Anitha and Soumya are vomiting instead of Sathya? Sathya enquires to Soumya why are they vomiting Isn’t juice tasting good.

Soumya says this vomit has another meaning. Sathya stares her in confusion. Indhunathi feels happy after hearing it and says to Sathya may Anitha vomited because of juice but Soumya vomited for another reason. Indhumathi asks Prabhu to call the doctor she will confirm it. Sadhasivam hears it and stands there in doubt. Prabhu questions Kathir doesn’t he said he will do this all after he become IAS. Kathir says to him that it’s happened mistakenly. He can’t able to keep his promise in particular situation. Doctor comes there and questions Indhumathi Is she vomited? Veerasingham teases her and asks Doctor to check Anitha first reasoning she too vomited. Anitha tells her there is no need of it. Indhumathi asks Doctor to check Soumya and give good news to them.

Anitha prays it should be a normal vomit she can’t able to think that Slum person baby growing up in her sister’s womb. Doctor informs to all its a good news Soumya is expecting. Everyone turns to happy and congratulates her. Indhumathi asks Sathya to fill vermilion on Soumya’s forhead. Anitha stops Sathya to do it. She questions her why is she going to place vermilion on her forehead after Indhumathi said. Indhumathi questions her why is she taking like this?

Anitha says only Nirmala and Indhumathi are allowed to do it or else she will do it but she can’t allow Sathya to do it. Sathya questions her why shouldn’t she allowed to place vermilion? Anitha adds that she is not talking like this in anger on Sathya but care on Soumya. Indhumathi complaints that Sathya is the reason behind Soumya happiness today. She cares for Soumya then everyone here. Sathya asks her to say one valuable reason she won’t do it. Prabhu to demand her. Anitha says that she don’t wishes to say it but they are making her say it. Only care on Soumya is not enough to do it instead she should be a mom. She is not a mom yet even after married to one year. She has no rights to bless a pregnant girl.

Sadhasivam and Saravana smiles hearing it. Sathya starts crying hearing it. Indhumathi asks her to hold her tongue. Anitha says that she is not talking non sense here but saying the fact. She can’t able to see any sign from Sathya to become mom. She is literally behaving like man here. Prabhu shouts on her to shut her mouth he can’t able stand quiet if she badmouths on Sathya. They didn’t started their life as a husband and wife yet its also his mistake so don’t blame her.

Episode end.