Sathya 8th October 2020 Written Update: Sathya and Prabu cute moments

Sathya 8th October 2020 Written Update on

Today the episode begins with Sathya sitting in the terrace and think about wedding.. Suddenly Somya came near her and said what is your plan… Sathya said if I reveal there is no suspense in the wedding.. Somya urged her to tell.. Sathya said believe me I will stop the wedding..  Somya asked her Sadashivam told you to not to come… then how will you stop my wedding.. Sathya said trust me.. I will stop your wedding..

Somya showed the poison bottle and said if you won’t stop the wedding I will die there itself.. Sathya snatched the poison bottle from her hand and thrown it.. and said believe me surely  I will stop your wedding.. Somya left…

Later, Sathya asked Prabu to stand up.. He asked why are asked me to stand up.. She said I want to measure your size.. He asked what are you going to do with this measurement.. She said i am going to stich a new clothes for wedding..

Prabu screams by saying I said I won’t participate in the wedding.. Why are your stitching dress for this wedding.. Sathya asked Prabu if we won’t go how we will stop the wedding…  Prabu became quietly.. She measures..

Both spend some quality time.. she measures.. both had a cute moments..

Later, Family members are getting ready for Wedding.. Sadashivam urged everyone to get ready soon.. Sadashivam call Nirmala.. Nirmala arrives near him.. he asked Somya is ready.. we have to go to wedding hall… asked her to get ready soon..

Sadashivam asked the servants to arrange the things…  Prabu and Sathya looked at everything… Vignesh arrived near them and asked them to get ready for wedding.. Prabu mock him… and said I won’t come..  Vignesh and her wife came down.. Sadashivam asked them to go to wedding hall.

Later, Anitha and his husband came out of room.. Anitha noticed Sathya and Prabu.. Anitha laments Sathya by saying she is unlucky… At that moment Somya dressed up and came out of the room…

Anitha noticed Somya and said we won’t allow her to talk with Sathya…  Somya came near Prabu and said I am going.. Anitha came near them and take along with her.. Somya constantly looked at Sathya..

Sathya showed her hands and said I will…  Sadashivam and the family member arrives to wedding hall..

Prabu asked Sathya what is your plan?  Sathya take him inside…

Kulla bootham on the way to wedding hall suddenly his bike stops.. so he stopped his bike on the road… by walk he reached wedding hall. Sadashivam asked Anitha to stay in the entrance if Sathya and her friends come…. don’t send them inside..

Wedding hall security won’t allow Kulla bootham to go inside… Later, he said I am her brother.. without me the wedding will stop.. Security won’t allow him inside.. Kulla bootham tries to call Anitha..

with this the episode ends..