Sathya: Will Prabhu stops Kaanchana and Kanmani?

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Zee Tamil’s much loved show Sathya which keeps entertaining its audience with an interesting story line, is now gearing up for further drama. This show revolves around Sathya and her love interest Prabhu.

Now serial focusing on how did Sathya conveyed her feelings through an art to Prabhu. Sadashivam learnt the truth from Anitha that Prabhu and Sathya didn’t started their life as husband and wife. They are planning to separate Sathya and Prabhu. How Sathya going to tackle the situation

In the latest episode Prabhu informing to Kanmani that he will leave this place after uniting Raasathi and Maragatham together. Temple bell rang as good sign. Raasathi’s HM comes and invite her to come to silver jubily function as a vip. Prabhu praise her. Kanmani also invited by HM. Kanmani gets frustrate hearing that Raasathi is vip guest. Prabhu talking to Kumaran to help him to unite Maragatham and Raasathi. Kanmani arguing with kumaran and throw away the sarie which gift by Prabhu. Kaanchana is planning a way to destroy Sathya and Raasathi.

In the upcoming episode will be Prabhu trying in all way to unite Maragatham and Raasathi. Will his attempt get success? What will be Kanmani planning to do next? Will Kanmani gets revenge on Prabhu for insulting her? Kanmani seek Kaanchana help

What will happen next ? Will Sathya can able to win over Prabhu love? Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.