Namak Issk Ka 28th January 2021 Written Update: Yug’s grandmother and sister come home.

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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Will Yug marry Kahani?

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Rony gives divorce paper to Rupa and tells he has signed the papers and tells her to sign too. Patanga watches Rupa sign and asks them are they getting divorced? He asks they are marrying on one side and other hand they are preparing divorce papers.

Patanga leaves from there to Dolly about Rony and Rupa’s divorce but Dolly leaves from there saying she has a lot of work.

Kahani thinks if Rupa did not come on time her payal almost exposed her. Patanga tells Kahani no one is listening to me,I have to tell you something important. Rony made Rupa sign divorce papers he tells Kahani to come with her and tell everyone about it. He brings Kahani to Yug and asks her to tell about the divorce to him.

Rony and Rupa look at Kahani and Yug from hiding. Patanga tells I will tell Yug but Yug’s mother tell him his grandmother and Juhi are here. She takes Yug with him. Rony takes Patanga with him.

Yug’s grandmother steps down from the car. Tense music plays in BM. She clicks a picture of the house. Yug’s mother asks if she had any problem in the house. She asks Iravat you are still here? Yug’s mother tells her that her name is Iravati now Iravati. Yug’s grandmother taunts that this house is like home only from outside otherwise from inside it is like guest house. Iravati tells problem is from old things may it be old almirah or old bed it just makes noise.

Yug tells his grandmother this neither house nor guest house it is a temple. Ruanak drags Patanga in corner. He tells Patanga Kahani already knows everything,Patanga tries to leave from there to tell the truth to everyone but Rony suffocates Patanga and he gets unconscious.

Juhi comes and Hugs her mother and asks Yug how was her surprise? She asks where are Rony and Rupa. Everyone comes inside the house. Rony and Rupa comes and greets grandmother. Kahani standa in front of unconscious Patanga to hide him from other family members. Juhi tells today’s generation thinks love is a joke,frequent patch up and break up.

Yug’s grandmother asks who is she pointing at Kahani? Rupa tells Kahani is a dancer but she saved my life. She will dance in today’s program. Yug’s grandmother tells blessing is for family members not for bazaar waale. She asks Kahani to do her job and leave. Juhi gives her blessing to Kahani. Rony tells Rupa to hide Patanga soon or he will expose us.

Rony tells Kahani,Patanga will stay unconscious till we get married. Kahani tells I am being forced into this marriage only because of my brother and sister. Rupa overhears and asks what am I listening you are being forced into this marriage? Rony lies that she means I will help her sister get good education. Kahani remembers Rony’s threat and agrees with Rony. Rupa tells if there is any other reason please let me know. She tells there is no other reason.

Yug asks Kahani now tell me what you came to tell me with Patanga?

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