Sembaruthi 13th July 2021 Written Update: Akhila’s timely help

Sembaruthi 13th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parvathy notices Raasathi’s dull face and enquires to her what’s bothering her? She narrates everything to her and adds only Akhilandeswari can able to help her. Parvathy says to Raasathi that she knew her well because she is her mother in law. Raasathi says to her she is correct god fulfilled her wish. she is behaving so simple. Raasathi introduced Parvathy to Iniyan. Parvathy takes them to her house. Raasathi gets surprise to see Akhila she recognizes them as the couple whom met with accident. She feels happy to see her fit and fine. Purushothaman questions Parvathy who are they? Parvathy introduces Raasathi to Akhila as the chairman of Thiruparamkundram.

Parvathy tells her that she is here to attend the meeting of Akhilandeswari trust but they can’t able to register it on time. Akhila questions them doesn’t they alert them to register today? Why didn’t they registered it on time? Doesn’t chairman has responsibility? How will she trust her behave responsible to her people as a chairman. She won’t help them who are irresponsible. Parvathy says to her they are looking like good people they are here to talk about their water problem. Purushothaman tells her that Parvathy never requested anything to her yet. Akhila gives permission to attend the meeting. Iniyan and Raasathi thank Akhila she asks them to thank Parvathy. Parvathy says to her no need of thanks. They are here to do good things to village peoples so she wanna help them too in any way.

Manager of Akhilandeswari’s trust welcomes the doctor whom saved Akhila from accident. He is busy in greeting guest and showing place to them to sit there. They welcomes Raasathi and Iniyan are also welcomed by them. Akhila reaches to the venue. Press people are taking interview of her. Raasathi praises Akhila’s attitude. Iniyan asks her to prepare well for her speech. She assures to him that she will do her best.

Management staff starts giving speech about their future plan and theme of that programme. He invites Akhila to give her speech. She starts her speech after greeting to all. She shares to them about her experience and gives advises to them. After her chairman starts to give their speech. One of the chairman shares his future plans and developements to all and gets his cheque. One by one they gives their speech and collects their cheque.

Manager invites Raasathi to give her speech. Doctor informs to Akhila that she is the one whom saved her from accident and return the bag to her. Raasathi greets all and thank Akhila for granting permission to her to attend this function. She shares to all that her village is suffering from water scarcity. They don’t have enough water to drink and do farming. There is more river and pool near by her village but there is no maintenance there. She advises to them to save rain water and turns it to as drinking water. She requested to government to help her village but Government allotted 50lakhs to them.

Raasathi thank Akhila’s trust for accepting her request and allotting money to her. Akhila passes the cheque to her. Akhila stops Raasathi and says to all she wanna talk about her. Akhila says to all that today morning her car met with an accident. Two couples saved them and admitted in hospital. They waited till they confirms they are doing good and left from there without giving their information. She mentions Raasathi and Iniyan whom saved them. Everyone claps for them. Akhila thank them for saving her without expecting anything. She narrates to all what actually happened. She apologies to her for suspecting her.

Akhila appreciates Raasathi’s helping nature. She says to all that Raasathi shared a big project here. She needs 8 and half crore more to finish the project. Trust can’t allow more amount it has limit. So she is giving balance amount from her account. Raasathi praises Akhila’s nature. Staff members appreciates Raasathi’s effort. They wishes to have a conversation with Akhila. She questions them why are they hesitating to talk with her. She wishes to take selfie with her. Akhila questions them why didn’t they informed the truth to her when did they came to meet her. She tells them this world used to announce everyone after done a small help then why didn’t she said the truth. Raasathi says to her that she don’t wishes to remember her that bad incident.

Akhila praises her good heart and invites them for dinner. Vanaja thinks whom coming here to take dinner? May they are rich? She doubts who are they? Gajendran takes Raasathi and Iniyan there. Vanaja thinks they are looking like village people. Raasathi admires the house. Vanaja thinks why did he brought them here? Akhila comes there and invites them inside. Akhila introduces Raasathi and Iniyan to all.

Episode end.