Sembaruthi 18th January 2021 Written Update: Sundaravalli praises Pravathi

Sembaruthi 18th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila noticing Adhi and Parvathi. She walks towards them. Sundaravalli stops her. Sundaravalli tells she knows everything. She had called them. She will send them back if she doesn’t want them to stay here. Akhila remains silent. Sundaravalli tells then accept her decision and let them stay here. Parvathi and Adhi come to them. Sundaravalli asks Parvathi what she prayed to God. Parvathi tells the prayer will not be heard if she tells it.

Sundaravalli tells she knows what she had prayed to God. She promises to fulfill it. She gives flowers to Akhila asking to put on Parvathi’s hair. Akhila obeys to Sundaravalli’s words. Parvathi gets happy. Parvathi takes Akhila’s and Sundaravalli’s blessings. An old woman tells Sundaravalli that her sons are troubling her asking to divide the property and requests to give a solution in Panchayat meeting.

The village people are gathered in front of Sundaravalli’s house for panchayat meeting. Akhila and family members are witnessing the meeting. Sundaravalli asks the old couple why they don’t want to divide the properties. The old couple tell their son will not take care of them if they divide the property.

Sundaravalli asks the two sons. They demand to divide the property. Sundaravalli asks the couple to divide the property but she orders the sons to take care of their parents to which the both sons don’t agree and argue with each other over who will take care of their parents. Sundaravalli shouts to stop. She tells her judgment is they have to take care of their parents.

Akhila doesn’t agree with Sundaravalli’s judgment and expresses the same to Purushotaman. She tells dividing the property isn’t a permanent solution. The brothers should stay together so that they can take care of their parents. Parvathi tells she has an idea and asks Sundaravalli’s permission to express it.

Sundaravalli agrees. Parvathi tells that they can divide the property into three and give 30% of share to each son and the remaining 40% to their parents. The son who will take good care of their parents will get that 40% of share after their death. The sons agree. The both say he will take care of their parents and argue. Paravthi tells they only want the property and not their parents. The couple cries asking their sons not to fight.

Parvathi tells the sons this is a parent love. The mother faints. The sons rush to her. They cry and tell they will look after their parents. Parvathi advises the sons. The sons realizes their mistake and apologize to their parents and to the panchayat. Sundaravalli praises Parvathi. Akhila is impressed. Purushotaman tells Parvathi is like Akhila and their thinking matches. Akhia looks on.

The episode ends.