Naga Bhairavi 18th January 2021 Written Update: Bhairavi and Arjun reaches to Velayudam temple

Sathya 18th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kaushalya asks why he is leaving without drinking water. Arjun says sorry and drinks water. Kaushalya says she is happy when he called her sister and if I have brother he might help me like you. Arjun asks what he did.

Kaushalya says Bhairavi created hope that my husband is alive and she is trying every way to get my husband back and you’re supporting Bhairavi and want to clear my problems and I can never repay you and she folds her hands. Arjun says don’t fold your hands. Kaushalya says it’s not mistake to fold hands Infront of good people. Arjun says God will do good for you sister and he may help me if I help someone in need. Kaushalya goes inside locking the door. Sam sees Velayudam photos in her laptop.

Bhairavi and Arjun reads Aditya diary and they reads how Aditya struggled after knowing some secret and he didn’t shared with Bhairavi thinking it may struggle her like him. Arjun and Bhairavi sees Velayudam photo in his diary and Bhairavi tells Arjun that it’s the same Velayudam his brother brought to home. Sam sees Velayudam of Nagavaram and feels happy thinking she found it. Arjun says their might be some link between your brother missing and this Velayudam and we may found your brother details if we found about this Velayudam. Bhairavi feels happy.

Next day villagers and Pandit reaches to Krishnam Naidu place and asks where to do Pratistapana of Kumara Swamy idol whether it’s near Velayudam or place where they found the idol. Krishnam Naidu says it’s better if we do Pratistapana near Velayudam. Pandit looks dull. Arjun tells to Bhairavi that this Velayudam can be the one which her brother bought to home. Bhairavi says might be. Villagers agree with Krishnam Naidu. Pandit agrees and Krishnam Naidu says I know why you looks sad Pandit ji because I know our sons are missing from the day We found the Velayudam. They goes from that place.

Arjun takes Bhairavi to Annapurna and they asks her about Velayudam place in their village and they tells her that they want to see it. Annapurna thinks how her Grandson got missing from the day they found Velayudam. Bhairavi asks her to answer. Annapurna says see it on Pratistapana. Bhairavi says she want to see it immediately. Annapurna asks why she is eager to see Velayudam, what she will do after seeing it. Arjun signs her to leave it and goes from that place saying they will see it on Pratistapana day.

Bhairavi asks why he stopped her. Arjun says your granny may doubt us that’s why stopped you. Bhairavi says let’s know it from villagers because it’s tough to notice it clearly on Pratistapana day. Arjun says your Dad may found it through villagers because everyone knows you. Bhairavi asks than what to do.

Arjun says it can’t be on North and South plus we covered east side many times so it’s not in those directions so we have to search in West way. Bhairavi praises his analysis, they goes to search it and at night they reaches near Velayudam place. Bhairavi tries to enter but she feels some shock. Arjun holds her hand than some energy emits from his Nagabhandam and which allows them to enter the premises of Velayudam.

Bhairavi happily tells Arjun that it’s same Velayudam and praises his thinking abilities. Arjun says your brother is brilliant and I just guessed what he might did, your brother might be the one who keep this Velayudam in this place.