Sembaruthi: Adhi to seek Vanaja’s help

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Sembaruthi is Zee Tamil hit show. This story is different with its unique story line. Now this show take new twist in story to entertain its audience. Earlier we saw Parvathy learnt the truth. Now viewers will see Adhi promises to Akhila

In Today’s episode we see; Adhi and Arun searches for Akhila everywhere in the house. Vanaja and Uma pretends like worry for Akhila’s missing and creates a scene there. She prays that Akhila shouldn’t return to home. Adhi and Arun goes to check her in old house. Parvathy learns from Priest that only god will help to solve Akhila’s issues. He gives an safety rope to her to save her from all evils. Akhila returns to home. She shares her grief with Adhi. He assures to her that he will find out her lingam today itself. Vanaja thinks it’s impossible. Adhi asks Vananja to accompany him smartly. She denies it but he takes her forcefully.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Priest will ask Parvathy to accompany a blind girl to her exam centre. Parvathy will enter inside auto along with blind girl. Goons will recognize her and stops the auto. They will create problems to her. Goddess will disguise like an Tom boy girl in the name of Sathya and save Parvathy. She will fight with goons and send her in auto.

What will happen next? Will Adhi finds out the Lingam? Will Parvathy complete her pooja?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.