Sembaruthi: Parvathi is delighted when Akhila compliments her

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Zee Tamil’s most popular show Sembaruthi is all set for some interesting twist and turns in the show. The audience recently witnessed some emotional moments between Parvathi and Akhila, now in the upcoming episodes, they will see Akhila slowly having a change of heart for Parvathi.

Previously it’s seen that Purushotaman, Arun, and Aishwarya have bought sarees for Akhila and they argue whose saree Akhila wil choose to wear for her anniversary. Akhila, who comes to know the same, instructs them to place their saree in the puja room, so she can choose the one she likes. Everyone places the saree as suggested by Akhila except Parvathi, who feels that her saree doesn’t deserve to be placed among the costly sarees of others. Vanaja overhears Arun and Aishwarya and learns that it was decided to play the prayer song sung by the 5th-great-grandmother during the puja. Vanaja purposely damages the record player.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Akhila will wear the saree bought by Purushotaman for the puja. However, Guruji will ask her to wear something simple. Akhila will not have any simple saree in her closet so she will end up wearing the saree prepared by Parvathi for her. As the record player will not play, Akhila will decide to sing the prayer song, since the puja can’t be performed without that prayer song. However, Akhila will start coughing due to smoke and will be unable to sing. Parvathi will sing the song and will save the puja. Akhila will get impressed with Parvathi and will compliment her singing. Parvathi will be elated hearing this while Vanaja will fume.

Will Akhila leave her ego and accept Parvathi? What’s stored in Parvathi and Adhi’s life Ahead?

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