Here is how Vishal Vashishtha fans celebrated handsome hunk journey as ‘Kabir’!

Actor Vishal Vashishtha surely entertained us with his stint in colors thriller drama Ishq Mein Marjawan. Vishal flaunted his three different shades in the show that made fans to fall for the handsome hunk more. As Kabir, Vashistha’s acting in the show was noticeable. Right from dialogue delivery, aggression to obsession; Vishal brought life to the character of Kabir. We have already quoted Vashishtha was definitely makers hot choice for the role. None other than him could have performed Kabir this flawlessly.

Show Ishq Mein Marjawan is all set to bid adieu to the audience on television. Drama will stream exclusively on voot app from 15th March, 2021. With the show shifting to OTT platform it is still a question whether the star cast of season 2 of Ishq Mein Marjawan will remain same or actors will take their leave. Amid so many speculation ringing on social media, Vishal Vashishtha fans took their social media handle and cherished the journey of Kabir to make it memorable for the hunk even if he is a part of the show. Kabir is like an emotion to the loyal fans of Vashishtha. Fans shared famous dialogue of Kabir from the show under the hastag ALWAYS PYAAR FOR VISHAL. Vishal Vashishtha trended on social media last day with 50.6k plus tweets.

There is no denying Vishal Vashishtha’s journey as Kabir was incredible. So today let’s check out how Vashishtha captured the heart with his three different shades in the show!

Cop Kabir:

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 journey starts with Vishal Vashishtha gracing our screen as Cop Kabir. Famous star playing Cop on-screen is already a treat to eyes. Vishal bagged this opportunity and did justice with his character. His first appearance as Kabir seized millions heart. Vishal’s dedication and enthusiasm as cop Kabir was drool worthy.

Kabir as Devraj Singh Rathore:

Vishal’s swag as Devraj Singh Rathore was praiseworthy. His development as Devraj was amazing. Vashishtha earned separate fan base for portraying Devraj Singh Rathore in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2.

Obsessed Kabir:

From Cop to obsessed Kabir; Vishal’s journey in the show was commendable. He appeared as Cop and ended up turning a bad boy. Fans loved to hate antagonist Kabir aka Vishal in the show.

Playing three contrasting roles in one show is a blast in itself. We all can’t thank Vishal Vashishtha enough for freezing the screen with his stellar performance in the show.

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