Shaadi Mubarak 22nd December 2020 Written Update: Preeti plans a vacation for Arjun and KT

Shaadi Mubarak 22nd December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT questioning Preeti with painful voice that why she didn’t helped him in front of Nandini? To which she answers that Kiss is a very private moment in between a couple! He gets furious and holds her tightly, she winces in pain but he didn’t left her and was about to kiss her forcefully saying that now they can kiss as they are alone but Preeti pushed him back with disgusted face. Preeti goes to him and holds his face, she makes him understand what he is trying to do! She told him that in name of revenge he is forgetting his real self, while he brushes her hands off and demands for his rights as a husband. She cries and then stand asking him to do whatever he wants with her, he looks and goes near her with stumbling legs due to alcohol effect.

She closes her eyes finding him very close to her face while he wrapped her saree all around her and apologised, she looks at him (ik tara tune plays) he goes to bed and falls asleep. She keeps staring him and then smiles with teary eyes, she removes his shoes and adjusted him comfortably on the bed. She caresses his head and vows to bring back the jovial KT back who is somewhere disappearing in between his revenge for Nandini.

In the morning KT woke up with a hangover and Preety gives him lemonwater, he remembers what all he have done due to alcohol and sees Preeti packing a suitcase, he gets tensed and goes to her asking sorry for his behaviour, he ask her to not leave him while she told that it’s not her stuff but his. He ask if she is throwing him out of the house? To which she looks at him and says that she had planned for a vacation for Arjun and him so that they can spend some quality time together, she informed that she had already booked place and planned everything and he just have to convince Arjun for the trip, KT appreciates her for this and thanked her for always helping him. He ask how to convince Arjun?

To which Preeti advice him to talk to him and make him understand with love, KT again thanked her while she nodded. They both bends down to close the suitcase when their head banged and both looked at eachother and then goes away.

Neelima comes to Preeti and ask her to come with her to have a tea, both goes out and Neelima confronted Preeti about her relation with KT. She told that there is no huband and wife kind of relation in between them and blames her for all the misery which happened in the house since their wedding. She told how KT was happy when he married Nandini and ask Preeti to return back KT’s happiness to him while Preeti looks on, Neelima goes from there leaving a lost Preeti behind.

Neel comes to Priyanka’s house while she stopped him in the entrance and told her firm decision that she will not tutor him anymore, it came as a shock to him and he questioned why? To which Priyanka said that she don’t want people to point finger on her dignity, she made him realise that he is rich and she is a middle class girl and she don’t want anyone to call her a gold digger and so she can’t help him anymore, he tries to convince her but she stays adamant and closes the door on his face sobbing silently.

KT goes to Arjun who was playing game on his phone, KT joins him but at that time Arjun received Nandini’s call and gets panicked, he informed KT that Nandini took the car which KT gifted him and met with an accident, he was about to rush when Preeti suggested KT to go there as it will be better and hangs along with him.

Nandini bribed few boys and ask to do what she said, at that time KT and Preeti reaches there, Nandini acts like to be forced by the guys and tries to save herself. KT comes to her rescue and starts beating the guys blue and black. Preeti tries to stop him but he didn’t listen to her, at one point the boys holded him and ask what relation he have with Nandini?

To which he replied that she is his evrything making Preeti freeze to her place while Nandini smirks, Nandini goes towards KT and stopped him making him face her, he realised what he blurted out and sits on the car, Nandini smikred and goes to preeti, she says that this is just a trailer about KT’s love for her while Preeti looks on. They both holds the handle to sit in the front passenger seat and looks at eachother.

Precap:- Nandini ask Arjun that they have to move Preeti away from this KT’s life, she sees Preeti and started her drama saying that she just want Tibrewal’s forgiveness. Preeti goes to KT and ask him that does he still love Nandini? To which he says that he don’t know that but he knows one thing and that is he had loved her more then anything. Later Preeti goes to Nandini and says that she will help her get back into KT’s life and declares that Nandini, KT and Arjun are a family while she is an outsider in between them, Nandini ask will she leave from this house? To which Preeti agrees.

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