Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd December 2020 Written Update: Vasusha confronts Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha, Yuvraj reaches Khurana house. Rudraksh says he called her for Saaransh only. Preesha says she came for Saaransh only and says he married Mahima to stay with him but he can’t separate her from Saaransh’s life. He says his son will forget her soon and he will teach him how to live without her. She moves towards the room Saaransh locked himself and tells him to open the door. Hearing her voice Saaransh opens the door and hugs her and asks where she went leaving him when she knows that he can’t live without her. He asks how come Mahima is Rudraksh’s wife when Preesha is his wife. Preesha says she will explain him everything detailed way.

Mahima says she will also accomany them. But Saaransh yells at her saying he just wants Preesha. Preesha tells her that she will make him understand and enters the room with him and closes the door from inside. She gives water to him and tells him to not cry. He asks how Mahima become Rudraksh’s wife. She says she is doing this to win the game to show God that they are best family. He asks what he has to do in this game. She says he has to accept Mahima as Rudraksh’s wife jn this game once they wins the game everything will become back to normal and if they loses it then they has to separate for forever. He says they can’t lose.

She says its a secret game between them and Rudraksh so other than them no one should know about this game. He asks Rudraksh also knows about this game. She nods at him saying she will call Rudraksh and he can confirm with him. Preesha opens the door and says Saaransh wants to meet Rudraksh. Rudraksh hugs him and tells him about the game and says its their family secret so he should not tell about it to Mahima.

Saaransh asks why God made this difficult game for them. Preesha says they are God’s favorite so he knows that they can win this game . Saaransh says he will play the game and will accept Mahima as Rudraksh’s wife just for a game and says no one can separate them and they shares group hug( Title song plays in the background). She says now she has to leave and tells Saaransh to not trouble Rudraksh and he should not cheat in this game because God watching everything.

Rudraksh tells Preesha that soon they has to find proof against Mahima. She says they will do for their family. Sharda takes Saaransh from there. Preesha tells Mahima about game. Mahima asks why she lied to her son and says he will be heart broken if he gets to know the truth then. Rudraksh says Saaransh will forget Preesha soon.

Vasudha scolds Preesha and apologize to Balraj on behalf of Preesha. Preesha says they are not her family. Later Mahima gets happy saying now she has everything which used to be Preesha’s. And recalls all the past moments and how she conned the men. She says now she is Rudraksh’s wife and she should hav approached him instead of Rajeev.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh dance with Preesha. Mahima knocks the door.

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