Shaadi Mubarak 23rd January 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Tarun apologized to Preeti

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Episode starts with KT saving Arjun from Nandini. He gets furious on her saying that he and Preeti have accepted Arjun as their son from the heart, He declares to keep Arjun with him while Nandini glares at him. Preeti faces Nandini stating that she got successful in saving her husband and warns Nandini to stay away from her family. At that time Neel comes there with the police while KT and Preeti ask them to arrest Nandini. KT says that now Nandini will pay for her deeds while she declares that her revenge isn’t over and she will not let KT forget her so easily. Police takes her away.

Preeti sees Tarun sitting in pain holding his injured hand, She rushes towards him and cries seeing his condition. She ask why he have done this? To which he says that she have beared so much of pain for him then he atleast can do this for her. He apologized to her for all his mistakes and sobs in her embrace. He narrates how Kususm have told him about the situation and that is how he have came here. Everyone gets happy seeing their bond.

Arjun kneels down in front of Preeti and apologised for his deeds. He cries while she stops him and hugs him happily. She declares that she got both her sons back while KT adores their bond.

Sneha taunts Neelima that both Tarun and Arjun does not have Tibrewal blood, She ask Neelima that now what she will do? While Neelima looks on.

Later on Neelima stops Preeti and KT from entering the house while they gets shocked. She says that she won’t let her inside without “Grihapravesh”, She asks sorry from Preeti for the way she have treated her and thanked her for everything she have done for KT and this house. She accepts Preeti as KT’s wife making everyone happy.

Sneha brings the Aarti plate while Neelima performs Preeti and KT’s Grihapravesh rituals. They both gets inside meanwhile Shivraj cracks some jokes making all laugh. Neelima ask Preeti to call her as “Mom” and then reminds KT and Preeti about their honeymoon. She ask them to spend sometime together while Preeti bends her head. KT changes the topic asking Neelima to cook his favourite dish.

Tarun calls Rati for helping him in opening the medicines while she gets irked by him. She says that he is treating her as a nurse and ill-talks about Preeti. She tries to provoke him against Preeti and scolds him for his foolishness to harm himself in order to save Preeti while he slaps her hard. He took stand for Preeti and scolds Rati for always manipulating him against his mother. At that time he gets Preeti’s call who ask him about his health while he says that he is fine. Rati glares him.

Neelima ask Arjun to shift to guest room when KT comes there and ask for the reason! Neelima tries to make some excuse but KT did not agreed for it and takes Arjun with him asking him to study.

Neelima sees Preeti and calls her, She advice her to start her journey with KT in a new manner and ask her not to hesitate about going to honeymoon with KT. She says that she have more faith in Preeti in this matter rather then KT while Preeti nods.

Preeti gets inside her room where KT surprises her saying that he is throwing all the stuffs of Nandini. Preeti gets happy seeing him content. He says that now he will live guilt free life and thanked her for everything she have done. She sees her bags and ask what is he doing with it? To which he declares that from now on she will get all her rights and ask her to keep her belongings inside the cupboard while she smiles (Ik Tara tune plays).

Precap:- Tibrewal’s plays family game where KT ask Preeti to sing. She says that she is pouring her feelings out with the song and sings “Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai” holding KT’s hand while he looks at her.

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