Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd January 2021 Written Update: Virat gets jealous of Aniket.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Will Sai be angry on Pakhi again?

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 23rd January 2021 Written Update on

Bhavani tells Virat your wife had fever so has some doctor told her to play such loud music? Virat tells her not to get angry he is really sorry they won’t get chance for such complaints again.

Sai is dancing in her room,Virat watches her from outside the room. Sai continues her dance unaware of Virat’s presence. She falls down but Virat catches her in his arm. Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mai plays in BM as they look into each other’s eye. Virat tells he is sorry for entering without permission. Sai tells this is your room where you gave me permission to stay. Virat tells please no fight today. He asks her you seem so happy what’s the matter? She tells she got selected in dance competition for her college fest. Virat tells she could have kept the volume a little low. Sai tells I used to participate in every dance competition in school.

Sai tells when Aniket was singing and I started dancing myself and everyone praised me a lot so I agreed to participate. Virat tells so does this Aniket sing so good that he turned your no into a yes? Sai asks do you want to come to my college for my fest? Virat tells you decided yourself whether I have time or not. Sai tells Pakhi is your best friend,today you applied ice-pack to Pakhi’s injuries immediately but when I was injured you went to medical shop first.

Virat asks again about Aniket and asks does he really sing so good? Sai tells yes and I told him that he should participate in a radio or TV show. He told me that he was a runner up of singing reality show. Virat tells so what anyone can become a runner up by singing a little . Sai tells you should listen to Aniket he is really very good.

Virat taunts that she has so much knowledge about songs. Sai tells my father used to listen to song,so I know whether song is good or not. Virat tells even I never saw you singing or dancing. Sai tells that is why when Aniket sang today I couldn’t stop myself. Virat tells her to stop making fun of his family members. Sai tells you won’t praise my dance because you have never seen good dance. Virat keeps talking about Aniket. Sai tells you seem jealous of him because you cannot sing. Virat tells he can sing and play as well.

Sai tells really? She asks Virat to sing,she will judge his singing. Virat tells he is a police,his job to protect everyone. Sai tells yes and artists like Aniket entertain others. Virat asks how does he look? Sai tells I didn’t notice him so much. Virat asks how could that be,you danced on his song? Sai tells he look good. Virat asks how tall is he? Sai tells I will take a tape tomorrow and make a note about it.

Sai tells everyone keeps making fun of me at college for being married. Virat asks her not to participate in dance competition. Sai tells she will participate. She asks your best friend seems angry with you as she didn’t bring food for you. Shall I bring it? Virat asks her not to worry about his foods? Virat raises his voice and calls Pakhi,why didn’t she bring food for him? Ashwini and Pakhi listen to it.

Ninad tells Ashwini that Virat is telling Pakhi to bring food,his wife doesn’t have any responsibility.
Ashwini tells what goes on in between husband and wife stays in between them so she asks him not to comment about Virat and Sai. Ninad tells yes only you know everything. Ashwini tells Ninad husband and wife’s relationship is like piggy bank,if you throw stones of insult daily it will definitely break.

Sai asks Virat why is he getting so angry? Is it because she participated in dance competition or because she danced on Aniket’s songs?

Precap – Bhavani tells Pakhi today we have Basantpanchami puja at house so we will insult Sai in front of entire locality. They try to apply aalts (red color) to Sai forcefully but Sai fights back as she has allergy and it breaks and spills on ground.

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