Shaadi Mubarak 24th August 2020 Written Update: Preeti’s sacrifices go in drain

Shaadi Mubarak 24th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Preeti decorating the entrance with flowers for the marriage of her son Tarun with Rati. Preeti’s daughter’s in laws are getting ready for the marriage. Preeti’s Samanth Kusum asks her daughter Kajal to write her name eligible in the gift envelope that she’s going to give to Tarun for his marriage. She gets a call who praises her beauty and says about arranging marriage in the pandemic.

She praises Preeti for single handedly handling things and Kusum didn’t like it and cuts the call. She says that Preeti’s daughter and her son are helping Preeti but none acknowledges it. Preeti’s daughter and her husband Sumedh is shown who’s helping Preeti. Preeti on the other hand is single handedly handling things. Tarun comes there and she gets happy seeing her son as a groom but Tarun behaves rude with her. Preeti’s daughter praise her for her poem which she’s about to present for her son and also the surprise she has planned.

Preeti welcomes Kusum falling on her feet and Kusum feels proud while her daughters feel bad. She welcomes them and soon her daughter brings Kalash with drums playing. An ender asks her to say the thing which every girl says to her husband after bringing the Kalash.

Preeti’s daughter stands helpless when Preeti signals her what should be said. Kajal praises Preeti for signalling so well and taunts her mother Kusum. Kusum reveals that she could do it well as she’s dumb revealing that Preeti can’t speak. Preeti’s daughter gets her to dance stage and Preeti dances gracefully to Ghoomar song. Kusum’s daughter praise Preeti but Kusum gets irked.

Tarun comes furiously towards Preeti and drags her away. He scolds her for having a lavish marriage despite his and Rati’s request to have a simple court marriage. He says that Rati’s marriage lehenga is damaged and where will they get a new designer one before marriage. Preeti asks him to relax and takes out her wedding lehenga. Tarun fumes that Rati won’t like it but his sister makes him understand that Preeti can solve any problem and takes him away. Preeti starts doing the embroidery seeing Internet.

Rati gets astonished seeing the lehenga and praises Preeti for making one such dress. Her mother praises Rati’s beauty and calls her smart enough to keep her efficient mother in law with her even after marriage. Rati reveals her true color that she’s keeping her her only as servant and a watchman while she’ll be busy with her career. Later Tarun and Rati pose for camera and Preeti admires it from far. Rati goes away attending a call and Preeti notices a chandelier falling on him. She tries signalling others but none notices.

She herself pushes him away shouting his name and everyone gets shocked seeing her speak. Preeti asks if he’s fine and Tarun asks if she can speak. His sister revealed that her mother can speak and sing well but she herself shut her voice due to a mannat for 20 years. She reveals that due to an accident Tarun couldn’t speak and in order to get his voice back she kept a mannat to not speak till the day of his marriage and today she has planned to surprised him.

Her husband praises Preeti’s pure mother love but Tarun insults her calling it foolish. He says alk these years he was ashamed that his mother is mute and she’s a disgrace for him. Preeti gets heartbroken when Tarun lashes out at her.

Rati’s mother signals Rati and she handles the situation acting sweet and apologizing Preeti. Preeti comes in her room seeing the poem she wrote while her daughter cries seeing her condition.

She says Sumedh that she thought her mother will get happiness after marriage which she didn’t get all these years but it seems she won’t. She wonders when she’ll get her happiness. Someone makes entry into the house and the poems written by Preeti flies and falls on it. He reads it picking it up and Preeti hears it standing behind the window.

Precap : Tarun supports Rati insulting Preeti but Preeti let’s it go. During Rati’s grahpravesh she skips and Preeti holds indirectly sending Preeti outside which is a sign that it’s her bidaai