Shaadi Mubarak 24th December 2020 Written Update: KT worries for Arjun

Shaadi Mubarak 24th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT and Preeti taking blame to protect the other when Nandini stopped them and confessed that she had slipped from the stairs and as she was angry on preeti she blamed her, while inspector scolded her for wasting their time and left from their warning her. Shivraj comes forward and shouts at Nandini for stooping so low! Neelima gets shocked by Nandini’s confession and looks at her While Nandini says that she can’t even imagine to hurt or trouble Keertan and that’s why she confessed the truth as keertan was about to take the blame. Nandini keeps apologising to keertan while Preeti looks on and thinks that Nandini really cares for KT but then she remembered kusum’s warning and thinks about it.

Nandini discuss with Arjun that they have to remove preeti from Keertan’s life and this house too and decides to plan to something new, at that time she sees in the mirror that Preeti is entering her room and Nandini started her drama, she slapped Arjun making him shock and says that why he didn’t stopped her from calling police? Why he didn’t made her understand? She fakes her cry and says that she just want Tibrewal’s forgiveness and doesn’t want to hurt anyone, while Preeti looks on.

Nandini keeps crying and says that keertan won’t ever forgive her, she continues that he loves her more then anymore but still won’t accept cause of her mistake, she states that she really want to repent for her deeds and sits on the bed, Arjun kneels down and consoles her saying that KT only loves her and he will surely forgive her and then they will be like a happy family while Nandini ask him to stop imagining and declares that they are leaving for Singapore, Preeti thinks something and goes from there.

Preeti remembered KT’s confession about Nandini and gets teary eyes, (Humare Adhuri Kahani plays) she covers her mouth to stop her sobs as KT and her moments flashes in front of her, she cries vigorously and then decided to unite Nandini with KT.

She goes towards KT who was sitting with bandaged hand and looks at him being lost, she says to herself that soon all wounds of KT will be healed. KT notices her and ask if she is fine? to which she nods in yes. They both sit in front of eachother and embrace the silence, Preeti murmers that her world have shattered away while he found her behaviour weird. She gets up and goes from there while KT looks on (Humare Adhuri Kahani continues playing)

Preeti goes to Nandini and says that KT only loves her, Nandini says it’s good that reeti realised it soon. She ask if preeti will go from there life? To which Preeti says yes she will leave after uniting Nandini and KT. Preeti leaves from there with heavy heart while Nandini smirks (mantras plays in background)

KT lays on Neelima’s lap while she keeps patting his head and ask why is he tensed? He replied that he is worried because of Arjun as how he lied today and called police in the house, KT says that he don’t think he can able to make a strong bond with Arjun and gets sad, while Preeti hears him and goes towards Arjun’s room, she ask to talk to him but he ignores her, she says that she wants to talk about KT and he gets attentive.

Later on she bring Arjun with her and he goes to apologise to KT for what he had done, he hugged KT and KT forgive him while Neelima adores their bonding. Preeti smiles seeing them and thinks that she will give all the happiness back to KT by uniting his family.

Precap:- Preeti ask Nandini and KT to go to the college for Arjun’s admission, Nandini shares this news with Rati while she warns her to be careful from Preeti but Nandini says that Preeti never backs away from her words. Preeti gives her promise to KT to convince him to go with Nandini for the interview of Arjun’s admission. Preeti informed Nandini that KT is ready to go with her. Later KT and Nandini reached College while Nandini gets shocked seeing the principal and tries to hide from him.

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