Shaadi Mubarak 23rd December 2020 Written Update: Arjun and Nandini puts fake allegations on Preeti

Shaadi Mubarak 23rd December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nandini telling preeti that soon she will get KT back and will throw Preeti out of his life while Preeti looks on and then gets into the front passenger seat while Nandini sits on the back seat. Preeti struggles to put the seatbelt so KT helped her while he gazes her and both have an eyelock, Nandini interuppted their moment by asking KT to start the car.

Neelima gives tea to shivraj and consoles Arjun about Nandini, at that time Preeti,KT along with Nandini comes there and Arjun hugged her asking about her wellbeing, he thanked KT while Neelima says that people can do anything for their loved ones, Preeti looks on.

KT goes from there and sits with an injured hand, Preeti comes to him with a first aid kit and was about to treat him when he stated that he will do it himself as he doesn’t like someone else treating his wounds, to which she forcefully took his hands saying maybe this time it will get heal. They both looks at eachother (Humare Adhuri Kahani plays), she treated his injury and then asked what Nandini is to him? He gets up while she again ask about it, he says that he don’t want to talk about it and states that he only knows that preeti is his wife now and nothing else matters anymore. Preeti says that evrything related to him matters to her and puts his hand on her head giving him swear of hers and ask if he still loves Nandini?

To which he shouts that he himself don’t know if he still loves her or not? And continues that he only knows that he used to love her the most and maybe couldn’t able to love anyone else like that, he looks at Preeti’s eyes and says this is only the truth and goes from there. Preeti freezed to her place with the revelation and tears roll down her eyes, (Thodi jagah dede mujhe plays) she remembers all the warnings of Neelima and her moments with KT flashes in front of her eyes, she cries vigorously.

Neel continuously calls Priyanka while she keeps declining it with teary eyes, he gets worried as why she isn’t picking his call, he thinks why her ignorance is affecting him so much.

On the other side Preeti shares about KT’s confess to Kusum and says that she has came in between Nandini and KT while Kusum tries to make her understand that KT doesn’t love Nandini anymore and ask preeti to keep him away from Nandini as she must be having some danger intentions.

KT goes to Nandini’s room and pulls her up asking to leave his house, he keeps dragging her while everyone comes out, preeti tries to stop him but he didn’t listen to anyone. Nandini gets an evil idea and thinks that she have to take a risk to stay in this family. She turns back to see stairs and getting a chance takes a step back and intentionally falls down the stairs, preeti gets shocked and runs downstairs. Nandini’s head got injured while Arjun puts her on his lap, she whispers him to call police while he nodded. Later doctor treated Nandini’s head and bandaged it, at that time police comes there and Arjun says that he called them. Nandini blames preeti for pushing her down from the stairs while everyone gets shocked.

Preeti says why is she lying? But Nandini stays adamant and even Arjun supported her. KT warns Nandini to stop her drama but Nandini doesn’t changed her words. Police comes to arrest preeti while shivraj ask Neel to call commissioner, inspector says that they can call whoever they want but for now they have to arrest preeti.

KT comes forward and says that they can’t take his wife as she haven’t done anything, he stated that he have pushed Nandini from the stairs while Preeti and Nandini gets shocked, he ask inspector to take him instead of Preeti while Neelima tries to stop him. Preeti comes forward to protect KT and says that he is not involved in it as she is the one who have pushed Nandini, they keeps taking the blame for eachother while Nandini gets tensed as her plan got backfired and stops them.

Precap:- Nandini plans to throw Preeti out of Keertan’s life and starts her melo- drama seeing Preeti in her room. Later preeti assures Nandini that she will leave KT and will help Nandini to get him back.

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