Shaadi Mubarak 26th January 2021 Written Update: Neelima agrees for Neel and Priyanka’s marriage

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Shaadi Mubarak 26th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with KT tagging Preeti as his best friend and hugs her being emotional while tears flows from her eyes. She controls herself and smiles in front of him. He ask her to promise to be always with him while she nodded. Later on Preeti told about this to Neelima and declares that love can’t blossom in between KT and her! To which Neelima consoles her asking not to loose her hope and try to confess her feelings to KT. She says that after all the betrayals KT is not ready to accept his feelings and so is trying to hide it. She advice Preeti to tell him about her love in a modern way while Preeti nods stating that she also wants to pour her heart feelings out to KT.

At that time Kusum comes there and greets Neelima along with Preeti. She says that she is getting close with Neelima while Neelima laughs teasing her. Preeti takes Kusum aside saying that she haven’t talked about Priyanka and Neel’s alliance with Neelima yet.

Preeti thanked Kusum for all the help while Kusum ask her to confess her feelings to KT as soon as possible so that they can roam around like a couple while Preeti laughs hearing her words. Preeti shows her gratitude towards Kususm saying that it is Kususm who have convinced her to marry KT and says that she can do anything to pay her for this. Later on Preeti says that she will soon bring Priyanka to this house by marrying her to Neel and continues her fun chat with Kususm.

Neelima meet a man and told him about Shivraj’s loss. He assures to help her but ask her to get Neel married to his daughter Shikha in return. Neelima agrees to it and both smiles.

Preeti writes a letter to KT potraying her heart feelings out ( Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays). She describes her feelings into beautiful words and smiles completing the letter. She puts it in an envelope and goes inside her room to give it to KT when suddenly remembered about Neelima and says that she won’t get happy if she gets to know about the letter. She mimicks Neelima as how she consider these things as middle class and gets worried thinking about how to confess to KT. Preeti hears in the radio that they best way to confess her love is through music. She smiles and writes their number. She immediately calls and talks to them.

Preeti goes downstairs and find Neelima talking to a priest. She sees Neelima having headache and starts giving her massage. She told Neelima about Neel and Priyanka’s love story and tries to make her agree. She appreciates Priyanka’s nature while Neelima approved their relationship. Preeti gets happy while Neelima says that she isn’t as strict as she looks. She says that she will marry Neel to wherever he wants and ask Preeti to not tell about this to anyone else not even KT as she first want Neel to complete his studies and get into bussiess. Preeti agrees to Neelima and says that she understand her concern.

At that time KT calls Preeti for going to office while she bids bye to Neelima and moves towards him. Neelima changes her expression and thinks about something. KT reminds Preeti about her bag but she ask him to hurry. She plays the radio inside the car and gets nervous. KT ask if she is fine seeing her behaving differently while she nodded positively. She smiles thinking that the show is about to begin.

Precap:- Preeti potrays her heart feelings out to KT through a song while he looks at her.

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