Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 26th January 2021 Written Update: Virat visits Sai’s college as ACP to meet Aniket.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 26th January 2021 Written Update on

Ashwini tells you all think my silence is my weakness and you have crossed all your limits. She asks Bhavani do you think like this about me? I have never asked even a little thing from anyone not even from husband. Sonali tells why did you taunt Bhavani? Ninad tells why are you complaining like a small child.

Omkar tells even after 25 years of marriage Sonali never asked anything from me. Ashwini tells her family is very rich she gets gift from her family even today. Sonali taunts why are you jealous because no one sends gift from your family? Mohit tries to support Ashwini but Sonali sileneces her.

Ninad asks when you have already said so much tell what do you want, what are your wishes? Ashwini asks we are married since so long and still you don’t know what your wife wants? Ashwini tells every wife dreams for her husband’s love,support and her right as wife but you didn’t give me any of this and how could you as you gave it someone else already and looks at Bhavani.

Ninad tells Bhavani it is her fault if she didn’t accept this marriage proposal He would not have to get insulted. Ashwini tells I am a women and I can see and understand everything. Ninad and Omkar praises Bhavani and tells she did everything for this house. Ninad tells he will always complain about this marriage,his health worsens while shouting. Pakhi asks everyone to cool down.

Virat visits Sai’s college. The dean of the colleges asks him if everything is alright. He takes Virat to his office and introduces the coordinator of the program to Virat. Virat tells him he is fond of music, he asks who is extraordinarily talented in singing? Even the dean praises Aniket. Virat asks if he is the runner up of some reality show,he asks to bring him here.

He looks at Aniket from top to bottom and tells I have heard a lot of praise about you,Virat compares his height with Aniket and tells you are not even that tall. Sai asks Aniket if everything is alright from outside but doesn’t see Virat. Virat tells Aniket to sing from heart not impress someone. Aniket asks to leave from there. Virat tells the dean to take care of outsiders during college event.

All the ladies of Chavan family apply Aalta from Usha. Pakhi tells she will apply herself as Usha is elder to her she doesn’t want her to touch her feet. Bhavani praises Pakhi and tells I will give you one more responsibility. Sonali taunts till today this was Ashwini’s responsibility. Ashwini tells you can read Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta for everyone. Pakhi asks her to continue doing it is she wants. Sai enters the house,Bhavani asks her to freshen up soon.

Sai tells I know there is puja in house. Ninad scolds her for twisted replies. Sai tells t twisted questions have twisted replies only. She tells she is allergic to Aalta. Pakhi tells she is expert in faking excuses. Ashwini tells she can apply little for the sake of ritual. Ninad tells why won’t she apply? Everyone tells her to apply Aalta as they all did.

Precap – Same as last day.

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